How Adobe Commerce Delivers a "Channel-less" Omnichannel Experience

About the Guide

A successful omnichannel strategy is grounded on the wants and needs of your customers. This “channel-less” approach ensures your brands look, feel and language is presented consistently everywhere your audience is engaged.

Linking all your channels and touchpoints into a cohesive omnichannel experience is a complex process, but good news, Magento Commerce makes it a lot easier.

Our helpful checklist ticks off Magento Commerce features enabling channel-less commerce and their power to repurpose your omnichannel approach.

  • Magento Order Management
    Fulfil orders in whichever way is most efficient for you and your customers.
  • Magento Page Builder
    Accelerate content creation and publishing to build lasting relationships with diverse shopper personas.
  • Magento Business Intelligence
    Easily analyse customer data with pre-built and customised dashboards, revealing active customer trends and purchasing behaviours.
  • Magento Commerce API
    Synch online and in-store experiences by integrating your commerce platform with multiple point-of-sale solutions.

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