When AI monitors auction attributes, ad teams can focus on more important things.

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Adobe research shows that 89 percent of marketers see higher conversions using algorithms for tested ad packages. With no lead time and no repetitive checking, advertisers can focus on increasing return on ad spend and growing their customer base. 

AI lets you ditch those unreliable gut feelings and enables you plan wisely and efficiently:

  • AI takes care of day-to-day tasks, keeping channels, data, and budgets in line 
  • Unlike you, an algorithm can reinvent itself every 15 seconds to predict whether an ad placement will get you closer to meeting your objectives 
  • AI-driven advertising automatically determines when and how often to present the right creative to the right consumer

Read An advertiser’s guide to higher return on ad spend to find out how AI and machine-learning technology are helping advertisers make every dollar count.  

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