2020 Creative Trends Series: Visual Trends

Challenge conventions. Connect with customers.

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It’s never been more important for brands to connect with and understand their customers. And that means staying abreast of all the latest trends. That’s why every year at Adobe Stock, we collect data and information from across the board to report to you the key trends for the year ahead.

With data and research from our own users, influencers, reports, global news, emerging fine art, and fashion runways, we paint a comprehensive picture to help you to stay current and on-trend throughout the year.

Explore the first category in our 2020 Creative Trends Series: the Visual Trends report. Discover our four key visual trends to help you stand out and keep your creative compelling: 

  • Optics are everything. Explore how inclusivity, diversity and authenticity are taking centre stage in 2020.
  • Connect with your customers’ passions. Find out how social and cultural movements can inform your visuals.
  • Break the rules and embrace the unconventional. Discover bold new aesthetics that celebrate difference.

Download the Adobe Stock 2020 Visual Trends report and find out what’s set to dominate the creative landscape this year.

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