Customer Experience Driven Digital Transformation
White Paper written by IDC

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We're in the midst of one of the biggest technology-powered changes in business and society that we've ever seen. The pace of change was gradual in the 2010s due to digital transformation, but that has picked up rapidly since 2Q20. For many CEOs, CDOs, and CMOs, it has meant increasing pressure to adapt, keep up with competitors, turn business models invented elsewhere to practical use, and reshape long-standing, well-working but outdated legacy processes, culture, and applications.  

The opportunity of change has had a similar path and growth, the leadership with enough courage and skills has the opportunity to monetize the transformation of workplace and society — on data analysis, automation, and digital services. Most of the trends and opportunities that will dominate the next five years were already present before the COVID-19 pandemic, but some have accelerated, and others have changed. 

One of the key opportunities is the creation and management of customer trust and customer experience (CX), and this IDC White Paper examines the links between customer experience and the underlying digital and process transformations — the dependencies between an excellent customer experience and operational excellence.  

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