Data trends redefine leading brands.

We identify the gaps in brand strategies through artificial intelligence, customer journeys and paid analytics to evaluate the implications as data begins to take centre stage.

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Dive into the data.

As data-centric enterprises continue to dominate, it is clear that data and analytics solutions deliver the competitive advantage. Brands are now prioritising finding new ways to leverage data and generate customer insights they can act on.


Business backs data:

it’s the insight track to win.

Data-centricity is emerging as a key priority for most large organisations. This comes from a drive to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by informed, scientifically-based decision-making. Brands are becoming more sophisticated in how they look at their data, focusing on how data can be transformed into actionable and valuable insights that improve their customers’ experiences.

95% of all respondents say their enterprise now using some form of technology solution to track data.

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Intelligent marketing.

Backed by data science.

Chief marketing officers (CMOs) continue to push for gathering intelligence and data across all touchpoints and rely on technical colleagues to surface real, actionable insights buried in the data.

51% of respondents say the CMO is ultimately responsible for customer analytics strategy.

Democratise data. Unleash potential.

Marketers and Technologists:

Mind the gap.

Sharing data leads to greater insights. CMOs must foster unity across the organisation to capitalise on analytics potential.

Data Trend graph

Analytics unites channels, brands and data.

Paid solutions on the rise.


Brands investing in analytics are twice as likely to have a complete view of all customer interactions.


More brands using paid analytics solutions are accessing AI capabilities.


More than twice as many larger organisations switched up to paid analytics solutions in 2019.


AI delivers triple threat:

Real data in real-time, with real results.

The 2019 Gartner CIO Agenda Survey ranked AI as the most disruptive technology to watch, with data and analytics taking second place. Companies that can combine the two will be able to create highly effective marketing programmes.

39% of companies using paid analytics are already deploying AI to generate actionable insights.

The data and analytics trends redefining the global market:


Take the data off the graph

Turn information into insights with tools that take data further.


Stay on the customer journey

Real-time responsiveness from inside the journey will warm customer’s hearts.


Get ready for AI

Big players are already experimenting with this game changer.

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