2020 Digital Trends: 

Travel & Hospitality in Focus.

How the Industry’s customers will shape its future.

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The 2020 Digital Trends: Travel & Hospitality in Focus report shows how businesses have captured customer attention through rich experiences and creating a data-driven approach that delivers lasting value.

Produced in collaboration with Econsultancy, our industry report reveals new insights and strategies that leaders in your industry are planning to use for the decade ahead. We discover that customer experience (CX) will no longer be seen as optional in the travel and hospitality industry – it’s what people have come to expect. The fast pace of innovation in this sector, accelerated by changes in world events and traveller habits, is placing pressure on brands to raise their standards. 

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Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • 30% of travel and hospitality organisations report that a focus on making the customer experience memorable will be the primary way they’ll stay ahead of competitors.
  • Compared to peers in other sectors, travel and hospitality organisations are twice as likely to say that data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual could be their most exciting opportunity in 2020 (23% vs. 12%).
  • Nearly half (48%) of executives said their businesses were raising their levels of CX technology spending during 2020. 


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