Making Every Moment Personal,

Every Experience Shoppable.

The New Era In Experience.

Digital technologies of every kind have now reached consumers and business people on every continent. Pervasive use of this technology has reset people’s expectations of how they engage with the world around them. Your customers’ expectations of your company are now higher than ever. 

As consumers or as business buyers we demand immersive, personalised and seamless experiences no matter where, when or how we choose to transact. We want incredibly relevant interactions without sacrificing privacy. We want consistently high quality and value-added engagements that map to our preferences. And we want you to recognise us, whether we’re in-store or online, on our mobile devices or at our desktops. In short, we expect our interactions in the digital world to be like our interpersonal relations in the physical world. 

Watch this session to hear from Jean-Michel Pittet, VP Engineering for Adobe Experience Manager, on how these trends and themes are shaping the future of content and commerce technologies.

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Shantanu Narayen

Jean-Michel Pittet

John Amaechi

Toby Wright
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