The end of brute-force customer experience.

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Companies often take a brute-force approach to customer experience. As different teams adopt siloed technology to solve niche use cases, the end result sometimes look they’re just throwing everything at the customer and hoping something breaks through. However, successful IT teams know it requires a more elegant approach.

So while there’s a lot of buzz in the industry — especially in marketing — about customer data platforms (CDPs), IT teams have found themselves in a difficult situation. Either they integrate another new point solution, which adds complexity to their stack, or they build a custom solution.

Read our article where we explore a different approach to CDPs, one that position the CDP as a part of a larger technology vision around enterprise customer experience. Learn more about how you can use customer data for the following:

  • Customer intelligence and segmentation
  • Customer data collection and transmission
  • Customer journey orchestration and marketing


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