2020 Creative Trends Series: Motion Trends

Creativity and motion graphics go hand in hand. And in today’s world, just as movement is central to cutting-edge design, it’s also key to providing outstanding customer experiences.

That’s why this year, we’ve created the first edition of our Motion Trends Report, the third trends report in our 2020 Creative Trends Series.

With expert advice from our Adobe Stock and Behance curators, deep data insights from search patterns and Creative Cloud, and full immersion in all things motion, from advertising to social media, films and more, we’ve collected our top motion trends set to dominate the creative landscape in the year ahead.

Discover our four key motion trends and explore how environmental awareness, attention-grabbing responsive effects, soft and organic movement and retro nostalgia are informing the world in motion this year.

Download the Adobe Stock 2020 Motion Trends report and discover the aesthetics, effects and subjects that will shape motion graphics in the coming year.

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