Agile Marketing Video

About the Video

This Agile Marketing video shows an example of how a marketing team can apply Agile methodology using Workfront. The video documents the experience of a creative director and her team as they carry out a sprint planning meeting, hold daily standups, and review their work in a sprint retrospective meeting. Using Workfront Agile capabilities, the team creates and prioritizes tasks in a backlog, plans sprint capacity, organizes tasks in a dynamic storyboard, and tracks sprint progress using a burndown chart.

Workfront is built to support any Agile Marketing––teams that have been Agile for years, Agile Marketing beginners, or anywhere in between. Even teams that aren't interested in adopting Agile Marketing can see their Waterfall projects in a highly visual Agile view using Workfront.

Watch the Agile Marketing video to learn how Workfront can help your marketing team be more Agile.