Aerial photography webinar
Capture, Enhance and Share Your Work 

On Demand webinar  |  45 min  |  Free of charge

Discover how to capture incredible images from the air in our aerial photography webinar. Amazing aerial imagery can perfect your portfolio, add new dimensions to your marketing assets or be the flagship piece of an exhibition. Find out how to get started with aerial photography and videography with insight from the experts. 

What you’ll learn:

  • How to capture compelling images from the air
  • How to use Adobe Stock to store your impressive portfolio
  • How to ensure the elements don’t hinder your photoshoot 
  • How to create a varied and eye-catching library of your aerial artwork

What’s included in this aerial photography webinar?

Aerial photography can give you a new angle on some of the world’s most stunning landmarks and landscapes. In this aerial photography webinar, you’ll learn from some of the best in the business on how to improve your own skills, manage a portfolio and use your snaps to create compelling content and stock shots. 

  • Find out what goes on behind the scenes at the largest photography agencies in the world.
  • Explore how to enhance your photos in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Discover how some of the best in the business master the elements when on a shoot.
  • Learn how to take incredible aerial photos to add to your portfolio.
  • Find out how to store and present your photos in Adobe Stock

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Paul Prescott
Founder & CEO, Amazing Aerial Agency
Paul Prescott started travelling around the world by bike in 1999 and found that photography could sustain his lifestyle, so he built a personal portfolio of 30.000 photos and videos. Two years ago, he founded Amazing Aerial Agency with a growing worldwide collection of over 15.000 photos and videos from a team of award-winning aerial photographers.

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