The Benefit Multiplier – Brought to you by Digital Documents and Processes.

On-demand webinar | 45 min | Free of charge


We have seen a variety of tangible benefits achieved when digitising processes and producing digital documents. The outcomes are perfect when most people are remote and great for tracking and transparency. In this webinar we explore how you can smash your KPIs and maximise your ROI with digital documents and straight through processing. You might be surprised by how many ways they can make a big difference.

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Why attend this webinar?

The need for digital transformation has accelerated this year, particularly in 
organisations where data entry and processes have traditionally happened in person. 
In a lockdown, this is difficult at best or impossible at worst. The need for digital 
forms and signatures has never been greater. AEM Forms and Adobe Sign offer 
everything needed to bring these crucial customer interactions online, and when you 
bring them together the benets can be huge.

In this Ensemble and Adobe webinar, we explore the potentially great value which can be achieved:

  • Operational efficiencies  
    By automating and streamlining forms and signature processes with AEM Forms and Adobe Sign the potential improvements to KPIs and savings are amazing.
  • Optimised user experience
    There are numerous ways AEM Forms and Adobe Sign can speed up and improve form submissions.
    A consistent experience across all your forms and signatures will lead to improved completion rates and lower error rates.
  • Scale to maximise value
    Enterprises really start to see the value in AEM Forms and Adobe Sign when they scale it to many forms and processes. When you start to move 100s of digital forms and signatures online with Adobe the ROI will look great.

Intended audience

  • Anyone involved with document processes, web forms and digital signatures.


Michael Plimsoll

Ian Shaw
Consultant, Ensemble
Ian Shaw is a consultant at Ensemble. He works with clients to define and deliver tailored digital solutions using Adobe tools.


Rob Jacobs
Consultant, Ensemble
Rob Jacobs is a consultant at Ensemble focused on delivering process optimisation and technology to provide governance across enterprise landscape.

Thierry Stortenbeker

Thierry Stortenbeker
Senior Consultant, Digital Document Solutions, Adobe

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