Optimizing your content creation and experience delivery for any purpose and channel

On-demand webinar | Duration: 35 minutes | Online

Realize a faster time to market of your content experience delivery

Attend this webinar if you are facing challenges in:

  • Achieving your goals to deliver consistent experiences across channels
  • Increasing your customer engagement in a modern omnichannel world
  • “Upstream” content creation is not efficient enough

You will see the following use-cases showcased in action:

  • How you can effectively optimize and streamline your content creation and management to realize a much faster time to market of your content
  • How you can gain improved Authoring experience and editorial control even in headless scenarios
  • How you can easily build channel-neutral content fragments once as combination of text and related images for re-use everywhere and gain improved editorial flexibility
  • How you can increase usability and effectiveness by using editorial content variations and dynamic media for omnichannel engagements e.g., Web, Mobile, Social, SPA and Social channels
  • How you can gain more autonomy and editorial control even in headless scenarios

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Michael Plimsoll

Timo Leenen
Solutions Consultant, Adobe


Michael Plimsoll

Mads B Rasmussen
Head of Content & Experience Management (AEM) at Adobe Nordics