Brand and polish your webinars with Creative Cloud for teams

On Demand Webinar  |  60 min  |  Free of charge 

Learn how you can produce engaging, impactful webinars that look polished, on brand, and stand out from the rest. 

Bart Van de Wiele, Principal Solutions Consultant at Adobe shares his tips and techniques on branding and polishing webinars using Creative Cloud for teams and Adobe Stock – from creating branded backgrounds and templates to sharing post-event assets online.

Watch now and learn everything you need to know to take your webinars to the next level.

Adobe is focused on helping our customers remain well-positioned for business continuity, and to stay agile in today’s challenging times when things are quickly changing. Business continuity is not about a moment in time, it’s about adapting to the current environment and innovating as you go along. This may require rapid pivots to build your position of trust and to continue to gain customer confidence. One thing is certain, digital engagement will be among the most powerful assets in every organization’s arsenal for responding effectively and decisively to this and future challenges. 

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