Finding Opportunity in Disruption:

How to accelerate business growth and innovation

On-demand webinar  |  59 min  |  Free of charge

Times of disruption and change are often considered uncomfortable, but the businesses that thrive are structured to use this change to their advantage. What are they doing differently?

Find out in our exclusive on-demand webinar with David Rowan, Founding Editor-in-Chief at Wired UK. He will share current business trends and the “new rules” that businesses are following to accelerate purposeful innovation and business growth.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • The companies that have successfully—and unexpectedly—shifted their business models
  • New partnerships that have led to new opportunities
  • Why agility and innovation are now more important than ever


Michael Plimsoll

David Rowan
Founding Editor-in-Chief Wired UK and Amazon #1 business best-selling author

Expert on technology trends and corporate innovation, David Rowan deconstructs emerging technologies and explains how they will impact business—and how leaders can prepare.

Michael Plimsoll

Nicholas Kontopoulos
APAC Regional Head of Marketing Adobe DX Commercial

Nicholas harnesses over 25 years of professional experience, built across multiple industries and geographies. He's passionate about challenging the 'status-quo' and 'management dogma' that stifles the creative thinking processes that are paramount to delivering amazing customer experiences, Nicholas ensures that 'Customer Experience' is a core business ideology at the heart of the brand.