The Power of a Unified Digital Base 

On-demand webinar  | 39 min | Free of charge


A unified digital foundation helps you meet every customer's needs in order to design and deliver experiences that will set your brand apart. In this webinar you’ll learn how bringing data and content together in a single platform can help you scale marketing investments and meet your customer-centric digital strategy.

Why attend this webinar?

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn:

  • How to combine data and content together into a single platform to help scale marketing investments.
  • Understanding how our customers are building unified digital foundations that can scale to business needs.
  • How to meet your customer-centric digital strategy.
Intended audience
  • Marketing Directors
  • Customer experience Managers
  • Marketing Decision Makers


Michael Plimsoll

Daniel Hansens
Senior product Marketing Manager, AEM and Target