Rules-based personalisation

Tailor experiences based on browser or device type, brand affinity, whether visitors are new or returning or any existing profile data you have at your disposal. Build your own rules to drive personalisation across different touchpoints.


With rules-based personalisation, you’re in the optimisation driver’s seat.

No two consumers are the same. And every single one demands a unique experience, tailored specifically to their interests. But sometimes, you’ve had to apply a cookie-cutter approach to personalisation because of a lack of resources, insights and vision to create relevance at scale.

With rules-based personalisation, it’s easy to tailor experiences across diverse touchpoints based on specific criteria. Whether it’s demographic, browser, device, brand affinity or really any type of profile data, you can build audience segments to take control of your personalisation path. And you can personalise even faster and more accurately with a unified customer profile, so all of this information is readily available for better targeting. This way, you can deliver the experiences your customers expect — no matter where they are or what channel they’re on.


See what makes it work.

Accelerate personalisation
Adobe Target gives you the biggest out-of-the-box library of targeting rules, so you can immediately deliver the right content to your visitor based on browser, network, device, operating system, traffic source, brand affinity and more.

Data-driven personalisation
Predefine targeting rules with our three-step guided workflow. This lets you qualify your visitor profile, build personalised experiences and create reports to learn the specific insights for specific audiences, so you can make confident, data-driven decisions. Instantly target specific groups of site visitors with rules based on concrete, real-time data, whether they’re new visitors you want to target with discounts or existing visitors you want to target with different offers.

Omnichannel personalisation
Although a visitor might be interacting from different devices or browsers, you can still know them as the same visitor. This way, you can ensure that your experiences are tailored correctly for that visitor. So no matter where they connect, Target helps you to deliver a consistent experience based on a single visitor profile.

Precise targeting with unified profile
Integrate data from 3rd party analytics, CRM, partner sites and off-site sources into the unified profile of Adobe Target. You’ll get a more comprehensive view of your visitor profile for more robust and progressive targeting.

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Rules-based personalisation in experience targeting.

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