Turn your omnichannel marketing into a single customer experience.

Communicating with your customers through multiple marketing channels can work for you or against you. When the different channels aren’t working together, there’s only noise and confusion. When they’re synchronized, they combine to give your customers a powerful and complementary experience with your brand.

Cross-channel marketing does require coordination.

Today, your brand experience matters more than ever. Your customers are aware of when a business is catering directly to them, or simply throwing some generic experience at them. To add to this challenge, you need to show this understanding of your customer across multiple channels — both online and offline. In other words, your experience needs to be where your customer is, but this is where many marketers get stuck.

Part of the problem is that while many companies have the ability to push messages through multiple channels, they don’t have any meaningful way to connect these moments into a unified, cohesive experience. It’s not enough to simply talk to your customer in isolated moments. You need to coordinate those messages to create a single, coherent conversation.

And while technology and best practices have shown marketers how to orchestrate a cross-channel approach, many brands are afraid of the perceived time, cost, and difficulty of harmonizing their communication. So they keep operating in siloes, unable to compound their influence by working together.

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Adobe can help.

We understand the pain marketers feel getting their different channels to pull in the same direction. We know that in order to optimize your customer experience, you have to understand your customers, coordinate their experience across channels, and deliver the right experience in real time and in the right channel.

Adobe Campaign makes it easy for you to get your channels in sync, with a single, easy-to-use interface for campaign orchestration. So, your online channels — like email, web, mobile, and social — match your offline channels, including direct mail, call center, in-store, and so on. It empowers you to give your customers a consistent and contextual experience in both digital and traditional channels. In short, Adobe Campaign makes it simple to deliver content to all the paths your customers may take — on any channel.

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