Asset Collections

Easily create, edit, and share collections of assets between users. Create static collections that contain a reference list of assets, folders, and more, as well as smart collections that dynamically include assets based on search criteria.


Collection sharing that moves you — and your assets — forward.

Managing and sharing digital assets keeps your marketing teams moving. Projects tend to bottleneck when an asset hasn’t been created, can’t be found, or hasn’t been approved. Without the ability to easily share creative files within a collaborative workspace, your workflow comes to a grinding halt.

With asset collections in Adobe Experience Manager Assets, you can streamline the ability to create, edit, and share assets between users. Create several types of collections based on the way you use them, including collections that contain a static reference list of assets, folders, and collections, as well as collections that pull in assets based on search criteria. You also can create collections with assets from different locations and share them with multiple users with different levels of access, viewing, and editing privileges.


See what makes it work.

Smart collections
Smart collections save you valuable time and energy looking for a specific file, or group of files by pulling in assets to the collection based on user-specified search criteria.

Downloads made easy
Download one file, or download every asset in a collection — including the entire hierarchy within the collection — with the click of a button.

Dynamic sharing
Create, edit, and share a variety of file types, including image files, PDFs, videos, and more.

Lightbox is a special type of collection where you can add and delete files. It’s automatically created when you become a user of Adobe Experience Manager Assets, is exclusive to your login, and can never be deleted.

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Manage asset collections.

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