Website optimization

Quickly understand and activate the best combinations of offers and layouts to help your customers progress and convert.


Know what works — and do more of it.

Your goal is simple: you want to optimize and elevate every customer experience from start to finish. But, too often, the end result is constant adjustments and small-scale testing, all in an effort to reduce abandonment and boost conversions. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sound familiar?

With Adobe Target, comprehensive website optimization is a reality. Improve every aspect of your web experience — hero images, landing pages, shopping cart processes, sign ups, copy, anything big or small — with our easy-to-use testing and personalization. And with powerful automation, you can always be confident you’re delivering the best experience to every customer at every stage of their web journey.


See what makes it work

End to end optimization
Test everything in your web experience. Run A/B tests for the website copy or button color. Verify functional changes, like using three steps versus four in a customer sign up process. Regardless of your optimization program maturity level, Adobe Target is built for you to optimize with ease and confidence.

A complete toolset for testing and personalization
Multivariate testing discovers the contribution of each element on your website and identifies the key area to improve as well as the best combination of elements. A/B testing allows you to dive deep and test all the experience variations. And our personalization capabilities allow you to personalize the hero images, landing pages, offers, recommendations, product pages, search, user generated content, and so on based on behaviors, locations, and any targeting rules you create dynamically.

Support for any key metric
Adobe Target provides a spectrum of out-of-box metrics, including engagement, time on site, page depth, clicks, conversions, revenue, average order value, return per visitor, etc. for you. In addition, we provides the ability to capture metrics related to custom scoring, any behavior on the site, as well as any metric from Adobe Analytics.

AI-powered decisions
Using Adobe Sensei, Adobe Target uses algorithms built on proven statistical methods for evaluating experience variations over time and determining and delivering the next best combination of offers, recommendations, pages, or multipage experiences to each individual based on their profile.

Analytics integration
Integrating Adobe Target with Adobe Analytics lets you personalize more deeply, letting you drive real data-driven optimization on your website with a unified view. This in turn accelerates your business, as you text experiences against KPIs and KBOs, outlined by your organization's strategy teams, that are already being tracked in Analytics. Learn more in our tips and tricks guide for Analytics in Target.

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Your customers are engaging every platform. By optimizing across every experience on every device, you’ll boost conversion rates and create lasting advocacy. We’ll show you how in this FAQ in our Help section.

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