Sales Connect

Open the lines of communication between marketing and sales to deliver seamless, exceptional experiences and drive more pipeline faster.


Seamless collaboration leads to more impactful experiences.

Gone are the days when marketing and sales can operate in separate silos. Customers demand a seamless brand experience across every touchpoint and one misstep in the handoff from marketing to sales can stop a lead cold.

Adobe Marketo Engage allows both departments to co-ordinate their efforts to deliver a better customer experience across the board. Empower your sales reps to engage in more personalised inbound and outbound efforts informed by robust customer insights. Marketo Engage helps form a stronger partnership between sales and marketing that allows you to build on each win for consistent improvement and growth.


See what makes it work.

Digital playbook

  • Guide inbound and outbound sales teams with proven best practice engagements across all channels, including email, phone, social and direct mail.
  • Get insights to help your sales team uncover qualified leads and reengage dormant accounts.

Customer insights

  • Provide real-time 360° views of customers so sales teams get a fuller picture of their prospects and respond quickly.
  • Incorporate multiple lead scoring contributions including marketing and sales engagements to quickly and easily identify the hottest leads.


  • Easily access and edit workloads from one place and directly engage or nurture leads with a click of a button.
  • Email customers directly with personalised pre- loaded smart templates or call them via an integrated dialer.


  • Use templates to engage buyers with the right content for each interaction in a self-service way that scales.
  • Ensure best fit content with suggested email categories based on individual activity and needs.
  • Easily access approved content and recommended smart templates with a single click.

Inbound sales

  • Implement the right balance of automation versus personalisation to support a large volume of customer demand.
  • Strengthen inbound sales with help from first-touch automation, digital playbooks and engagement insights.

Outbound sales

  • Support outbound sales efforts with personalised engagements across multiple channels.
  • Create a consistent experience over time by responding to target customers with up to date, relevant assets.

Engagement insights

  • Measure how marketing and sales efforts are affecting revenue.
  • Get insights into what messaging and content is working, refine playbooks and engagement activities and share with the team in real time.
  • Build smart lists using marketing automation filters and triggers based on sales activities.

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Make sales and marketing an unstoppable duo.

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