TV Analytics and Attribution

Understand the needs of your customers with a mix of brand surveys, measurement options for digital and offline conversions, duplication analysis, reach and frequency rankings, and Nielsen-verified, transparent, audience-reach reporting.

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The world of TV advertising becomes more complex with each new device that hits the market. You want to connect to your customers on the screens that matter to them, but you’re finding the rapid changes in TV viewership overwhelming. When you include the abundance of new data sources, it’s even tougher keeping up with the wants and needs of your viewers. To make every advertising dollar count, you need a way to accurately measure and analyze TV ad performance — or determine if your target audience is seeing your ads in the first place.

Programmatically-enabled TV analytics and attribution changes the landscape of TV advertising by giving you the tools you need to get more efficient, unique reach. Understand how TV advertising influences consumer perception of your brand. Measure conversions to see how ads impact consumer behavior both online and off. And efficiently rank exposed Nielsen panel members of past or projected buys to get more ads in front of the viewers who matter most — all from a single, powerful feature.

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Brand favorability
Use brand surveys powered by Adobe Advertising Cloud to see how your television ads influence the way consumers view your brand.

Conversion measurement
Learn how TV ads impact consumer behaviors in real-world scenarios and across digital platforms. Then review digital and offline conversions to see how your ads influence consumer engagement with your brand.

Transparent reporting
Deploy strategic audience reporting backed by the power of Nielsen Media Research — the industry standard for TV ad measurement. Receive granular reporting down to the daypart and show level (where available).

Audience duplication
Measure and analyze audience duplication across all forms of TV advertising to understand ad effectiveness and identify areas of overlap and waste.

Reach and frequency analysis
With the Advertising Cloud TV planner, you can manage frequency and identify new opportunities for reach. Connect with more of your target audience across linear, addressable, or connected TV.

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All forms of TV

Reach your consumers regardless of where and how they consume television content. Gain access to the most broadcast and linear cable inventory of any platform and the ability to activate private marketplaces.

Data-driven targeting

Go beyond traditional age and gender demographics used in TV advertising to include viewership patterns, first-party data, brand affinity, consumer behaviours and psychographics. You can also forecast viewing habits based on customised audience behaviour and attributes.

TV-to-digital planning

See your entire advertising plan from digital to TV so you can identify overlap, economic efficiencies and audience-reach opportunities. Use digital data and viewership patterns to bridge the gap between digital and traditional TV video advertising to more effectively target households.

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