Connected advertising brings experience-led growth to CTV

Connected advertising brings experience-led growth to CTV

How connected is your connected TV, really? Connected TV (CTV) is quickly becoming a leading format for advertisers to reach their high-value audience effectively. However, measuring and connecting CTV to a larger ecosystem still remain a challenge for many.

In a world where authentication and content fortresses are becoming the norm for personalization and customer journey management, using enterprise data across all touchpoints — including CTV — will become increasingly valuable in 2024 and beyond. And thanks to Adobe Advertising’s native connections with Adobe’s marketing technology solutions, we can help prepare brands for this future.

Integrating Adobe Experience Cloud for CTV

Adobe Sensei is focused on solving digital experience challenges by continuously learning and improving to maximize campaign success. With Adobe Advertising, you can implement artificial intelligence (AI) performance and optimization tactics powered by Sensei to give you actionable, targeted, and informed decisions.

Adobe Advertising’s integration with Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform and Adobe Audience Manager can enhance customer experiences with robust first-party data to convert high-value audiences through timely engagements. This lets advertisers expand incremental reach and drive successful performance outcomes by personalizing experiences throughout the customer journey.

Using Adobe Target alongside the Advertising DSP drives consistent messaging across onsite and paid media touchpoints. Finally, advertisers can also plan and measure ROI with Adobe Advertising custom goals across premium CTV environments with Adobe Analytics and Advanced Measurement solutions.

Each of these integrations fuels different aspects of a truly connected CTV experience. But let’s take a deeper look at how Adobe uses our different marketing applications to solve similar problems your organization faces.

Case study — Acrobat’s Got It

When Adobe Acrobat launched Acrobat’s Got It in 2022, the goals were to drive users into the Acrobat ecosystem, support top-of-funnel growth through relevant business use cases, and broaden the perception of Acrobat from just a PDF format to an essential, all-in-one app that helps users get work done effectively. To do this, Acrobat’s Got It focused on three key components that were made possible due to Adobe’s native synergy between adtech and martech applications:

  1. Build a strong landing page experience with Adobe Target, creating personalized experiences that could be easily optimized with insights from Adobe Analytics.
  2. Use a first-party approach to audience targeting that’s durable, even in a cookieless future.
  3. Create incremental reach and drive revenue through the continued expansion of new markets and channels using the Adobe Advertising DSP and Household Reports.

Through this connected framework, Acrobat saw more than 2.4 times the traffic from new unique visitors to the product’s site and a 45% improvement in cost per visit by continuing to optimize throughout the campaign.

“As part of our effort to broaden the perception of Acrobat use cases and ultimately drive revenue, we wanted to expand our traditional performance-based marketing to an integrated, full-funnel approach. With Adobe Advertising, we were able to test and learn direct-response tactics with emerging channels like CTV to reach incremental audiences and gain a strong return on investment.”

Nina Nasre, Senior Campaign Marketing Manager for Adobe Acrobat

The connected experience means that Adobe brings flexible pathways for advertisers to include CTV as part of the customer journey. Acrobat saw success with this strategy and will continue forward by showcasing relevant customer content, reaching untapped audiences as the customer journey evolves, and continuing channel expansion efforts informed by a holistic measurement framework.

Take advantage of additional CTV features

Beyond our integrations, Adobe Advertising also powers several in-platform solutions to maximize CTV opportunities. With new capabilities for optimization and measurement, advertisers using the Advertising DSP will be able to determine the right balance of channels and opportunities for their brand, including:

Reach out to your Adobe Advertising representatives to learn how to use these features to take your CTV campaigns to the next level.

Key takeaways

Adobe believes that advertising should be anchored in the connected customer relationship. The Adobe Advertising DSP brings native capabilities to your Experience Cloud applications and in-platform tools that provide cross-channel synergy to deliver timely, relevant, and impactful customer experiences throughout their purchase journey. Doing that seamlessly across all premium environments just makes sense.