Inventory Management

Ensure real-time availability and visibility across all your product inventory to meet customer expectations across all channels.

Fulfil expectations, not just orders.

Avoid the dreaded “out of stock” experience, which can quickly turn customers away. Gain more control in managing your global inventory with configurable sourcing rules that will give you real-time accuracy, so you can stay on top of inventory.

With the ability to offer customers an “endless aisle” experience, you can always stock what your customers want. Flexible fulfilment options and an intelligent sourcing of your global inventory also make it easy to determine the most cost-effective location for you to fulfil orders and best meet varied customer requirements. Whether your customers want to buy online and pick up in store or order in store and deliver to a home address — you can deliver.

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Intelligent Sourcing Engine
Determine the most cost-effective fulfilment source with our configurable business rules that let you optimise how orders are fulfilled from all available inventory. Gain additional flexibility with our weighting system, which can help to determine the quickest transit time or in-store pickup for customers.

Multi-Source Inventory View
Increase the visibility of all your inventory to speed sales. With a single view of “available to sell” products across all channels you can turn inventory faster. And you can increase your revenue by reducing “out of stock” losses online and markdowns of in-store items that haven’t sold.

Aggregate Inventory and Segment by Channel
Centralise all stock so it is available to sell from any location, both online or in store. Then, further refine and publish this aggregated view of inventory to your various channels with predefined business rules to better allocate and manage what gets sold where.

Real-Time Stock Accuracy
Maintain a single source of truth of what products are available to sell from all sources. Our inventory management system lets you track of all your in-flight orders and notify other inventory systems in real-time to maintain accurate stock levels.

Safety Stock Management
Never be caught empty-handed. Our order management system communicates in real-time with your warehouse, drop shippers and store inventory systems to get stock level updates and automatically recalculate stock available to sell, including safety stock thresholds.

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