Asia Miles Personalizes Rewards for over 12 Million Members Worldwide

Image Source: Asia Miles.

For loyalty and rewards programs, personalization and service are everything. People expect quick responses and hyper-relevant offers tailored to their tastes and lifestyles, they want up-to-the-minute mileage balances, and they want to access everything online using their favorite devices.

With over 12 million members around the world, personalization can be a challenge for Asia Miles, the leading travel and lifestyle rewards program in Asia and a subsidiary of Cathay Pacific Airways. Its 800-plus program partners rely on the company to match their offers with the right people at just the right moments.

For example, when staying in Singapore, travelers might want restaurant options near their hotel, or when planning a trip to Melbourne, they need to know which car rental company will earn them the highest Miles. And after a vacation in Phuket, they don’t want to see more offers for Thailand’s resort packages—they want to know where to shop and eat at home.

These rising expectations are driving a digital transformation at Asia Miles, steering the company toward a powerful Customer Experience Management (CXM) strategy that delights members while simplifying work for marketing.

Relevant offers—with 30% less work on the back end

One big way Asia Miles brings personalization to its members is through monthly balance statements, which show members how many Miles they’ve accumulated and recommend ways to earn or redeem Miles with places to eat, shop, travel, or even credit card offers.

Marketers used to spend a lot of time pulling the personalized balance statements together. Segmenting audiences and compiling balance totals were highly manual processes. Now it’s easy—the marketing team feeds audience segments into Adobe Campaign, which automatically pulls relevant partner offers into each email.

“The monthly balance statement is consistently a strong performer,” says Igor Lau, Digital Experience & Member Engagement Head at Asia Miles. “Working with Adobe Experience Cloud, we reduced the lead time to deliver this highly personalized communication by more than 30%.”

With propensity modeling and look-alike modeling, Asia Miles is increasingly precise in its targeting. What’s more, the company uses blockchain technology to reconcile balance totals faster. Rather than waiting until the end of a campaign, which could take several weeks, Asia Miles can credit bonus Miles almost immediately—so the balance statements are always up to date. Members love seeing bonus Miles add up, and employees no longer have a tedious manual process at the end of each campaign.

The future of travel is personalized

For a travel and lifestyle rewards program, a personal touch is key to success. As Asia Miles builds greater personalization and automation into its digital experiences, the company helps ensure its world-class rewards program will continue to attract partners and provide outstanding benefits to members far into the future.

Asia Miles uses Adobe Experience Cloud, including Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, and Adobe Target, to deliver maximum value to members and partners.