Shining Bright: 10 incredible Adobe Experience Maker Award winners

Last year’s 2021 Adobe Experience Maker awards were a celebration of those who combine ingenuity with Adobe Experience Cloud technology to create exceptional customer experiences and realize new opportunities.

In another year where many of us were still working remotely, and navigating disruptions to our personal and professional lives, I sat down with a few of the winners to learn about the ingredients behind their game changing digital transformations as host of the Meet the Experience Makers series.

  1. Matt Harker from Walgreens Boots Alliance, recipient of the Executive of the Year award for the Americas, deftly navigated privacy and personalization. He sees every moment as an opportunity to earn trust with a customer or patient, calling it “privacy by design.”
  2. Claudia Gill of AT&T took home an Adobe Workfront Lion award for organizational agility. She’s a tennis player whose tenacity transformed the way her team produced content, cutting their SLA times by more than half.
  3. Enrique Negrete of Coca-Cola, winner of the Experience Maker of the Year award for the Americas, has a mantra that helps him drive change: “progress, not perfection.” His refusal to accept the status quo transformed the way this iconic brand reached consumers in Latin America.
  4. Changemaker award winner Josh Kittner from the American Red Cross revealed how Adobe Experience Cloud tools help drive disaster response efforts. Our conversation also reminded me of the life-saving work they do. (Every two seconds someone in the US needs blood. Learn more here.)
  5. Maverick award winner Doorstep Market is a small but mighty business driven by a passionate team bringing local, curated goods to a very cool online marketplace experience built on Adobe Commerce. Founder and CTO Jonathan Taee said it takes “a bit of madness” to embrace such bold thinking.
  6. Klaus Fiedel of Investitionsbank Berlin received the Experience Maker of the Year award for EMEA in recognition of his life-changing work overseeing the disbursement of emergency funds during the pandemic to over 650,000 Berliners using Adobe Experience Cloud. His leadership through this critical mission is based on transparency and trust.
  7. Christina Stoehr of the US Census Bureau exemplified the spirit of a new category this year — the Illuminator award, recognizing resiliency and the ability to rise above unprecedented circumstances. She and her team offered the 2020 census online for the first time in history in a fast, secure way thanks to Adobe Experience Cloud.
  8. Chris Raimondi from Tabcorp, winner of the Experience Maker Team of the Year award for APAC, led the delivery of millions of personalized fan engagements using Adobe Experience Cloud. Chris said it’s all about taking risks — like fishing. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  9. Taki Tsaklanos from Bose thinks like an entrepreneur, and this mindset helped the Experience Maker Team of the Year winner for the Americas pivot to bring augmented reality to life during the pandemic to provide a one-of-a-kind shopping experience built on Adobe Experience Cloud.
  10. Jessica Kao from F5, winner of the Ambassador award, made the shift from marketing operations practitioner to manager and leader and is driven to give back to the Adobe Marketing Nation community by remembering where her own career began. As a yoga instructor, she tells her students that they can choose to be advanced because it’s “all about a change in mindset.”

The feats of all the Experience Maker Awards nominees and winners continuously impress, but especially so in the second year of a pandemic, and telling the stories of those who found a way to make remarkable experiences possible is always an honor. Congratulations to all the award winners and nominees.

Are you ready to tell me your story on Meet the Experience Makers? Nominations for the 2022 Adobe Experience Maker Awards open in March.

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