Performance optimisation

AI-powered optimisation improves performance by maximising conversions no matter your budget. We’ve developed sophisticated bidding models, so you can get more precise campaign predictions across all your key metrics.

Higher returns at the right price.

Your campaign success depends on bidding on the best keywords at the lowest price. But having to manually adjust your search terms to stay on target leaves you little time for anything else—like developing your strategy.

Use artificial intelligence to customise and automate bidding so you can refine your campaigns without sacrificing your time and energy. Simply enter your campaign’s goal and we’ll automatically optimise for your most important conversion events across all your bid units.

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Goal setting
Create campaign objectives around your desired conversions. Next, tailor success metrics to accurately reflect the value of customer activity. For example, selecting "Add to basket" should carry more weight than selecting “See product details."

Intelligent optimisation
Make your campaigns thrive with optimisation powered by Adobe Analytics. Pull in conversion and engagement data such as page views, visits, time spent on site and more.

Multi-dimensional bidding
Stretch your budget and get the highest ROI and bid based on device, time of day, location and audience. Adobe Advertising Cloud Search evaluates your campaign’s performance and automatically adjusts bids based on changes in the marketplace.

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Predictive modelling

Use artificial intelligence to maximise conversion by implementing recommendations for the optimal mix based on goals and budget. Get better campaign predictions with models for expected clicks, costs, CPC, position and revenue for your search marketing strategy.

Contribution analysis

Discovers hidden patterns within your data to explain statistical anomalies and identify correlations behind unexpected customer actions, out-of-bound values and sudden spikes or dips for metrics across audience segments.

Intuitive search workflows

Quickly navigate, preview and troubleshoot your search campaign set up. You can also reduce time-consuming, manual processes with bulk editing tools like an easy-to-use editing pane, flexible scheduling and simple copy-and-paste functionality with Microsoft Excel.

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