The top-tier data management platform to elevate your customer segmentation.

Delivering disjointed campaigns. Displaying irrelevant ads. Leaving data untapped. They’re all symptoms of a bigger problem — data management that doesn’t put customers first. Adobe Audience Manager helps you easily collect and merge data from almost anywhere, build more informed audience segments, identify new opportunities and act in real time. All of which opens the door to connected experiences that bring your customer front and centre.


Attribution is key. Web Analytics on a tablet device

Build on a connected data management platform.

Media-based DMPs can’t satisfy today’s experience-hungry customers. Adobe Audience Manager is the next-generation DMP that focuses on your customer and the experience. It gives you a more complete customer profile because it can collect and merge data from practically any source. And it’s built to easily overcome common challenges for data segmentation and activation. All of which lets you deliver the experiences that will stand your brand apart from the crowd.

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Predictive analytics brings it home. Channel and marketing analytics

Reimagine audience segmentation.

If you want customers to notice you, first you need to notice them. That means identifying your customers and creating focused segments based on those attributes, all while they’re jumping from site to site and device to device. Adobe Audience Manager reimagines segmentation. We bring together data from multiple sources, build powerful and focused audience segments, follow your customer through their journey and deliver relevant messaging.

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Attribution is key.

Get deeper audience insights.

Getting the edge on your competition isn’t just about moving ahead. It’s about digging down and making sense of your data. That’s where you’ll find the insights you need to convert customers, identify new audiences and uncover other nuggets that could lead to new trends. Adobe Audience Manager keeps your eye on the customer by handling emerging technologies, providing reports, helping with planning and forecasting and more.

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Predictive analytics brings it home.

Win with real-time action.

Everyone blinks. Which is about the time it takes for a customer to click over to a competitor’s site. Fortunately, our DMP isn’t like everyone else’s. We built Adobe Audience Manager to react at the speed of business. It can ingest real-time data transfers, analyse data and provide real-time actions to refresh customer information or retarget an audience — meeting the needs of customers wherever they are.

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