Adobe Commerce and IT

Security risks seem to crop up at every turn — and we’re fighting back with comprehensive ecommerce IT support. Adobe Commerce (Magento) provides secure commerce environments and experiences for you and your customers. Use these IT resources to dive into the technical details, find support and implement the product quickly.

Ecommerce IT solution resources

Security Centre

Join Visit the Security Centre to get the latest patches, security updates and best practices in Adobe Commerce.

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Trust Centre

Visit the Magento Trust Centre and learn about our commitment to security, privacy and compliance — the key building blocks to mutual trust.

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Magento Marketplace

Browse extensions and themes you can use to expand your online store, with categories ranching from customer service to marketing to delivery and fulfillment and beyond.

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Adobe Commerce 2 migration

Read more about the migration to Adobe Commerce 2, including the major differences and how to start the migration.

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IT guide

Facilitate and inform conversations between business and IT groups considering Adobe Commerce Cloud.

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Compliant processes and technology

Learn about how we can help you to meet PCI and SOC 2 compliance, keeping both you and your customers safe and happy.

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Data privacy and protection

Get more details about our stance on privacy in Adobe Commerce, including data protection, GDPR and our Privacy Shield.

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Adobe Commerce Cloud FAQs for IT

How does Adobe Commerce handle the payment gateway?

Adobe Commerce requires payment gateway integrations where credit card data is passed directly from the consumer’s browser to the payment gateway. Card data is never available on the production environment. Actions on the transactions by the e-commerce application are completed using a reference to the transaction from the gateway.

How does Adobe Commerce handle privacy issues?

Adobe is Privacy Shield self-certified, which is a European Commission-approved mechanism that enables the transfer of personal data from the European Union and Switzerland to the United States.

What happens with sensitive data in Adobe Commerce?

Using our service, you may use or store either personally-identifiable information (PII) on consumers or confidential data from your customers. Protection of customer and consumer data is one of our critical obligations.

How will my store data be protected?

Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) is used for storage. All EBS volumes are encrypted using the AES-265 algorithm. This means that the data will be encrypted at rest. The system also encrypts data in transit between the CDN and the origin and between the origin servers. Customer passwords are stored as hashes. Sensitive credentials including those for the payment gateway are encrypted using the SHA-256 algorithm. The Magento application does not support column or row level encryption or encryption when the data is not at rest or not in transit between servers.

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