Adobe Advertising Cloud success stories


“Leveraging multiple data sources with Adobe Advertising Cloud enables us to get super granular with who we can target and retarget across screens during a campaign. It’s one of the key factors for driving conversion — including online purchase and web visits.”  

Francesca Parodi, VP Americas Marketing, Dell

Using Adobe Advertising Cloud, Dell reached people on all the different screens they use, including desktop, mobile and Connected TVs (CTV). Dell was able to over-deliver on its impression goals and increase its reach by connecting with an entirely new audience. 

“Adobe Advertising Cloud is the largest driving force behind our ability to make smarter decisions about digital marketing. In only four months, we’ve cut spend for campaigns by 45% and cost-per-click by 10.4%.”

Mick Bassett, Search Engine Marketing Analyst, Hagerty

Hagerty wanted to simplify their digital marketing platform and improve insights into their customers’ behaviours. By pairing Adobe Advertising Cloud with Adobe Analytics, they can now automate and scale their campaigns into efficient, data-driven campaigns that they can manage directly.

“The main benefit for us for Advertising Cloud was the immediate impact we saw in terms of our paid search performance improvement versus what we were previously seeing.”

Mark Dawson, Sr. Media Planner, Allianz Australia

As one of the largest insurers in the world, Allianz was looking for a better way to reach existing customers and find new ones. Adobe Advertising Cloud provided an integrated platform that would make the most of their media spend while also providing the data to continuously optimise their campaigns.


“I’ve been in advertising my whole career and all of the promises that were made throughout the decades related to how data would be used to really target people and identify what people are interested in is now a reality.”

Cindy Nowicki, Director of Digital Customer Acquisition, ServiceNow

ServiceNow implemented Adobe Advertising Cloud to connect their advertising programmes and to combine it with Adobe Analytics for a deeper understanding of their channels and site visitors. With improved bidding, paid search provided immediate ROI and the company is now using a data-driven approach across their campaigns.

Deakin University

Gemma Anderson, Head of Performance & Growth at Deakin University in Australia, stitched Deakin University's customer data together to improve the student application journey and boost conversion rates.

Antonella Pozzuto, Brand Media Manager for EMEA at, turned to Adobe to get a better understanding of their audience, which helped them to seize greater advertising opportunities.

Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper Snapple Group makes their ad dollars as effective as possible by using Adobe Advertising Cloud to drive product awareness.

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