Connect your marketing and sales teams and capture more customers.

Enable sales teams to more effectively engage the right accounts and highest opportunities by bringing marketing and sales into closer alignment with greater workflow visibility and shared insights.

Accelerate qualified leads to deals.

Accelerate qualified leads to deals.

Marketing and sales have the same goal — to generate more revenue. Closer co-ordination and visibility into each team’s customer engagement activities can have a powerful impact on the bottom line.

By giving sales access to prioritised lists of leads associated to strategic accounts, real-time insights into a customer’s buying intent and the content and playbooks that will engage prospects more effectively, marketing can help sales have more personalised, relevant and timely customer interactions. Every sales rep becomes a top seller and equally important, more of marketing’s qualified accounts turn into done deals.

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“Marketo is really helping change the relationship with sales. We’ve got common agreement about what needs to be done to win. It gives them a real powerful insight to go and have meaningful conversations with our customers.”

Alex MacAdam, Marketing Leader and Operations Specialist, Fujitsu

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