Target account management

Bring sales and marketing together to co-ordinate account-based activities using centralised automations to deliver personalised cross-channel campaigns to your high-value accounts.


Account-based management with a unified front.

Marketing and sales teams are being asked to get more value than ever out of their efforts — and to prove their value too. By focusing on high-value accounts and the influencers and decision makers within, organisations can hone their efforts on delivering orchestrated campaigns where they can make the most impact.

Marketo Engage puts automation and data insights to work for your inbound and outbound account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. With advanced experience automations and CRM integrations, you can easily target high-value accounts with personalised cross-channel journeys that boost account penetration and engagement and let sales and marketing work as a team to move decision makers toward one common goal. Native integrations also lets you target and re-target accounts across paid media channels such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Campaign Manager. And a central dashboard combines all sales and marketing data so you can easily see account-level attribution and the ROI of your joint efforts.


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ABM analytics

Centralise all your account-based performance data to understand the ROI of sales and marketing activity across inbound and outbound efforts with an intuitive ABM dashboard.

Account-based personalisation

Convert AI-based fit indicators into ABM filters to activate campaigns and send curated content personalised to each account and influencer.

AI-assisted target account lists

Build a target account list within seconds using the power of AI to sift through 500M data points.

Cross-team ABM automations

Automate personalised account-based experiences across existing marketing, sales and paid media channels using automation triggers and filters.

ABM-specific workflows

Make ABM faster and easier using AI-driven workflows built by marketers for marketers of all experience levels.

Consolidated ABM hub

Consolidate account selection and list management, account personalisation and segmentation and account targeting and persona management into a connected hub.

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Build a better ABM strategy with the definitive guide to account-based marketing.

Adopting an experience-driven, account-focused strategy lets you personalise at scale. This guide walks you through the basics, the benefits and everything should consider when building your ABM strategy.

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Target account management. From start to close.

Get step-by-step instructions for executing target account management, including who to target accounts, engage them and measure results, at Adobe Experience League.

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