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Experience the world’s biggest DITA online conference for marketing and technical communication professionals! Get inspired by real-life success stories from the world’s leading technical communication, marketing, DITA, content management and content strategy experts.

Adobe DITAWORLD 2023

Get inspired by real-world customer stories of Experience Manager Guides.

  • EY uses DITA to drive the evolution of global assurance knowledge. Watch now
  • Mayo Clinic uses structured authoring for creating medical content with immersive omnichannel delivery. Watch now
  • KONE leads digitization by using power of DITA for delivering technical information across channels. Watch now
  • Hunter Douglas migrates to structured authoring without reinventing the wheel. Watch now
  • Ciena’s content strategists unleash the power of DITA authoring and single-sourcing. Watch now
  • Ariel Corporation’s content transformation journey for multilingual translation management. Watch now
  • BlackBerry leverages Schematron support for enforcing DITA authoring standards. Watch now

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