Adobe Experience Platform Security

Platform security is the foundation that trusted customer experiences are built on.

Adobe Experience Platform is built from the ground up with principles of security by design. This means it’s built on a hardened, scalable infrastructure, providing advanced features to help your organization be more secure and compliant.



Encryption at rest.
Protect your stored data at rest with encryption at rest, by default, which can help you with your data governance and compliance efforts.

Powerful infrastructure.
Keep your data protected and safe with secured infrastructure components and the platform security services available in Adobe Experience Platform. 

Constant monitoring and service.
Rest assured that your data is in good hands, as our operations teams monitor and respond to various activities and events 24/7. We follow standardized security practices and policies.

Security in Adobe Experience Platform.


Download our white paper to learn about the security procedures we’ve added to Adobe

Experience Platform to keep your data safe.

Security Features

An infrastructure for powerful security.

Adobe Experience Platform is built with security in mind from the beginning. Its robust framework includes several features that help keep your data secure so you can focus on creating the best customer experiences possible.

Experience Platform encrypts data at rest by default, utilizing Microsoft Azure storage encryption.

Combining industry-best practices and the Microsoft Azure network security, Experience Platform delivers the secure infrastructure you need to deliver experiences at the speed of business.

The Adobe Secure Product Lifecycle (SPLC) is a framework of processes and measures to ensure that our products are developed, reviewed, tested, and released according to secure development standards. 

Security Certifications and Regulatory Support

This certification reports on the design and operating effectiveness of controls over the previous 12 months. Controls tested are relevant to security, availability, confidentiality, privacy, and processing integrity.

This certification demonstrates systematic management of information security risks that affect confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Adobe services and customer information.

Adobe Experience Platform Privacy Service helps you manage and respond to GDPR data subject requests you receive for data you’ve stored and processed in Experience Platform and supported Adobe Experience Cloud products.

Keeping your data safe and assisting with your compliance efforts.

We’re dedicated to providing safe, secure environments for your data, which is why Adobe Experience Platform has been certified to comply with several global industry standards. We also provide tools and features to help you with your compliance obligations under certain regulations, like GDPR for data stored in Adobe Experience Platform.

Additional Resources

Privacy Service

We built Adobe Experience Platform Privacy Service to help you manage and respond to data subject requests you receive under certain regulations, like GDPR, for data stored in supported Adobe Experience Cloud products.

Data Governance

Adobe Experience Platform Data Governance provides an extensible governance framework with rich features for creating and managing data usage policies.

Adobe Security

To better protect our customers’ data from the physical layer up, we’ve implemented hundreds of security processes and controls across our business to help us comply with industry-accepted standards, regulations, and certifications.