Secure your commerce data with our built-in tools and best practices that make it easy to gain visibility, streamline operations, and keep every aspect of your store secure. 

All of your data, out of harm’s way.

Consumers and B2B buyers expect you to know enough about them to make their shopping experiences unforgettable. But they also trust you to protect their most sensitive data. With cyberthreats at every turn, keeping your commerce data safe is easier said than done. We’re PCI-certified as a level 1 Solution Provider. That means any merchants using our solution can use PCI Attestation of Compliance to support their own PCI certification process.

Conduct online business with confidence using tools like security scanning, which lets you keep tabs on your sites and get updates about security risks, malware, and unauthorized access. And with our active global developer community, you can rest assured your security defenses are always up to date against current and emerging threats.

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Data Encryption
Protect the sensitive data that flows to and from your online store with strong data encryption and SSL certificates. Secure your site while you earn customer trust.

Access Security
Reduce unauthorized access and slash spam with our CAPTCHA and two-step verification capabilities. Enhanced password management, flexible permissions, and a non-default admin URL help prevent targeted attacks, keeping your sensitive commerce data from being compromised.

Round-the-Clock Protection
Keep cyberattacks at bay with our round-the-clock security scanning and external penetration testing. Regular security patches ensure you always have the most current protections in place.

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Strengthen your storefront security.

Access the latest patches, security updates, and best practices at any time.

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Optimized Performance

Run your commerce operations with the confidence that you can exceed customer expectations.

Fully Managed Service

Tap into our global network of expert help, peer support, and other resources to ensure you stay focused on the commerce experience.

Extended Capabilities

Improve your e-commerce capabilities with extensions, themes, and connectors, allowing you to upgrade current features, add new ones, and integrate with third-party software quickly and easily.

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