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Leave no lead behind with advanced lead management.

Deliver win-ready leads to sales with customizable lead scoring models, cross-channel nurture campaigns, and engagement tracking that automatically updates sales when customers are ready.

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From predictive account lists to cross-channel automations to multi-touch attribution, Marketo Engage helps engage buyers at every stage.


More control and intelligence from first contact to loyal customer.

Lead management is complicated. Today, audiences prefer to educate themselves and engage with content at their own pace. And that takes time and consistently on-point experiences. But siloed systems and manual workflows lead to misunderstandings about who a prospect is, what they want, and where they are in the customer journey. And that leads to disjointed experiences and fumbled hand offs to sales teams.

Marketers need a better way to identify who really is a lead and where they are in the sales cycle. They need a way to personalize content and deliver it on any channel as they nurture each prospect, and they need to know when that prospect turns from a marketing qualified lead to a sales qualified lead.


Adobe can help.

Adobe Marketo Engage gives you a better way to identify and prioritize leads, provides more insight into your pipeline, and automatically nurtures leads through dynamic personalized journeys. Start by creating custom lead score models based on demographics, behaviors, and buying intent that give you insights and better segmentation. Then sync Marketo Engage with your CRM to unify marketing and sales teams. The integrated systems track each customer interaction, alerting sales when lead scores indicate readiness and giving them the insights that lead to higher conversion rates. Sales teams can also trigger curated content and campaigns on their own.

Here’s how Marketo Engage does better lead management:

Lead scoring

Create custom, layered lead scores to show a prospect’s level of interest and speed the sales cycle by moving prospects forward the first time they raise their hand.

CRM integration

Easily integrate with Salesforce, Sales Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics for Sales, and SAP to build micro-level personas, track lead behavior, and trigger sales contacts, and personalized campaigns.

Multi-channel automations

Use AI to serve up dynamic, personalized content, in both online and offline channels, including web, email, mobile, social, direct mail, and personalized URLs, all in real-time.

Anonymous lead nurturing

Track attributes and behaviors of prospects — such as page visits, search terms, company size and IP address — before you’ve created a profile to nurture even anonymous prospects.

Marketing attribution

Easily attribute success to activities throughout your funnel and accurately tie marketing to revenue with powerful, easy-to-use reporting. Then, use these insights to improve lead quantity and quality.

2.5x Increase

Marketing attributed revenue.

97% increase

Leads generated by sales development.

2x ROI

Doubled return on investment.

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