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According to the State of Email 2022 report by Validity, email volume increased by 14% worldwide between 2020 and 2021. To keep up with growing inboxes and help make each message count, email marketing services have become more advanced, with tailored solutions to match almost every user and customer need. Simply put, there have never been more opportunities and options for email marketers.

It can be tricky to navigate all the different software choices to find the right fit for your company. You should be able to focus your valuable time and energy on email strategy and content rather than sifting through product pages and reviews.

To make your life easier, we’ve created a list of the 14 best email services currently available and gathered the most important details you need to make an informed decision.

Compare the top email marketing services in depth

1. Adobe Campaign: Connect customer data across all marketing channels

If you need a single source for segmentation, delivery, and measurement, Adobe Campaign is the smartest solution to explore. As one of the original cross-channel campaign management systems, Adobe Campaign paints the full picture by positioning email within your greater cross-channel campaign management program.

Adobe Campaign: Key features

Adobe Campaign gives you full access to and ownership over your data — making it easy to create unified customer profiles and complete cross-channel reporting.

You won’t miss manual list selection and siloed data after trying Adobe Campaign. The email marketing software empowers you to build and share audiences, automate workflows, and connect to other data sources to consolidate customer data and deliver relevant campaigns that resonate .

The intuitive interface uses drag-and-drop visual workflows and provides flexible personalization, automation, deliverability, testing, and reporting tools to meet the needs of small and medium businesses and enterprises.

Adobe Campaign keeps you connected to all of your marketing channels. In addition to online channels like email, web, and mobile, the platform allows you to orchestrate campaigns across offline channels, such as direct mail and call centers.

Adobe Campaign: Pricing

Adobe offers different plans to make sure you only pay for what you need. Pricing is based on active customer profiles over a 12-month period and primary customer engagement channels. To learn more and request a unique plan, visit Adobe Campaign Pricing.

Mailchimp email marketing insight screenshot

2. Mailchimp: Create click-worthy campaigns for your contacts

Mailchimp makes building beautiful emails a breeze with customizable templates and drag-and-drop design tools. Whether you need to create a weekly themed newsletter or a one-time promotional offer, Mailchimp has an abundance of aesthetic layouts and automation features to help you craft classy campaigns for your company.

Mailchimp: Key features

Mailchimp’s user-friendly and flexible features are perfect for smaller businesses and enterprises alike.

If you’re still streamlining your email strategy, engagement tools like Mailchimp’s content optimizer and subject line helper give useful suggestions about ways to improve your content based on campaign insights and general best email practices.

For email marketing pros, Mailchimp provides tools to customize, scale, and adapt as your company grows, including advanced segmentation options, multichannel campaigns, and complex workflow capabilities.

Mailchimp also comes with lots of opportunities to connect other apps and web services. The email marketing service has more than 300 integrations, with tools ranging from embedded forms and surveys to subscription management solutions.

Constant Contact email marketing dashboard screenshot

3. Constant Contact: Ease into email marketing with effective templates and drip campaigns

Constant Contact clears the way for small businesses and email marketing beginners to create powerful campaigns. This platform brings together all the basics you’ll need to build effective emails and landing pages while growing your brand.

Constant Contact: Key features

With hundreds of customizable designs, Constant Contact has professional templates for almost any message or industry. The templates are optimized for mobile devices and easy to customize, thanks to a dependable drag-and-drop editor.

Setting up automated emails or “drip campaigns” is straightforward with Constant Contact’s audience segments and automated series features. The platform’s simple interface helps you focus on supporting your subscribers and streamlining your marketing strategy.

Email tracking tools give you the chance to compare your campaigns and see which messages were most successful. As you analyze your approach, you can explore effective subject lines with A/B audience testing and access reporting in real time.

If you’re looking to maximize your marketing, Constant Contact also offers features beyond email, including dynamic sign-up forms and online survey tools.

4. Sendinblue: Nurture large subscriber lists with email and SMS campaigns

With Sendinblue, you can spread the word about your campaign not only with email marketing but also SMS messages, live chat, and Facebook ads. While the platform includes sophisticated tools and a wide variety of features for nuanced campaigns, the system is easy to navigate and features a drag-and-drop editor.

Sendinblue: Key features

As your contact list grows, you can boost performance and personalization at scale with Sendinblue’s detailed marketing automation tools. The platform lets you define conditions and trigger events — such as new subscribers or specific interactions with a campaign — and create advanced workflows to deliver targeted autoresponder messages.

The platform provides a wide array of plugins and integrations, including ecommerce tools, customer relationship management systems, and payment services.

Sendinblue also has extra features to help improve your reach, including lead generation tools like custom landing pages and sign-up forms.

Hubspot email marketing dashboard screenshot

5. HubSpot: Optimize email marketing campaigns with automation

HubSpot is a popular choice for companies looking to streamline workflows and scale email marketing. The software features a visual mapping tool that gives a bird’s-eye view of automations across channels — clarifying robust campaigns and shining light on your subscribers’ unique journey.

HubSpot: Key features

HubSpot can be a game-changer for companies that use account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. The platform provides ABM-specific tools to organize customer profiles and access recommendations related to potential target accounts.

The service’s drag-and-drop builder and prebuilt templates are user-friendly and designed with deliverability in mind.

You can analyze and adapt your messaging through an in-depth A/B testing tool, which measures open rate, click rate, unique opens, and unique clicks. To save time, you can automate A/B testing within the platform.

HubSpot also offers advanced reports, lead capture tools, and a customer relationship management system to help maximize results.

AWeber email marketing dashboard screenshot

6. AWeber: Support low subscriber lists with substantial features at a great value

If you’re just getting started with email marketing as a small business or entrepreneur, you’ll want to check out AWeber. AWeber offers comprehensive features with every paid plan — regardless of how many contacts you currently have.

AWeber: Key features

AWeber offers solid options for companies of any size. Pick from more than 700 prebuilt templates and use the drag-and-drop email builder to customize your campaigns.

AWeber integrates with hundreds of apps and web services, so you can seamlessly sync with the tools you need to grow your business. Designers can create email headers and images with Canva directly from the dashboard.

The email marketing service helps you keep tabs on subscribers and tailor your content to your audience through practical tracking tools and analytics that record email metrics, website traffic, and revenue.

Along with email marketing and automation solutions, AWeber includes a landing page builder, ecommerce pages, and web push notifications to help you build customer trust and capture leads.

ConvertKit email marketing dashboard screenshot

7. ConvertKit: Increase conversions with customized content

ConvertKit is a favorite email service among creators of all kinds. Musicians, authors, podcasters, coaches, and more choose ConvertKit to connect with their audience, build community, and promote recent projects.

ConvertKit: Key features

You can nurture leads and grow your subscriber base using customizable landing page templates, embeddable sign-up forms for freebies and incentives, and hundreds of integrations. Customer trust is important to foster as a creator, and ConvertKit ensures that your data collection stays compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The software streamlines the subscriber journey by visualizing automation sequences in customized paths and allowing for audience segmentation.

The ConvertKit templates help you build emails and landing pages with clean formatting and spotlight quality content in only a few clicks. Each template is responsive on tablets, laptops, or phones.

The platform makes monetization manageable with commerce tools like embeddable product pages, paid newsletters, and a sales overview dashboard.


GetResponse email marketing dashboard screenshot

8. GetResponse: Automate funnels for specific scenarios and sales

Getting leads to turn into loyal customers is logical with GetResponse . The software provides automated sales funnels designed for more than 30 scenarios and optimized to convert contacts into buyers.

GetResponse: Key features

GetResponse makes email design effortless with over 500 templates and a drag-and-drop creator. You can build exciting visual layouts by choosing from thousands of GIFs and millions of Shutterstock images.

You can use automated processes like lead magnet funnels and standard opt-in funnels to build your contact list and convert leads more quickly. Consent fields keep your data collection compliant with GDPR.

There are many ways to track your contacts’ engagement behaviors and analyze results within GetResponse. Explore what’s working by comparing emails in side-by-side views or analyzing metrics like clicks, open rates, bounces, and unsubscribes within the platform.

The service also includes a website builder, marketing webinar software, landing page builder, live-chat solution, web push notifications, SMS marketing automations, and paid ad campaign tools to suit all of your marketing needs.

Drip subscribers email marketing report screenshot

9. Drip: Review revenue and ecommerce metrics

Drip drives multichannel campaigns for ecommerce businesses and stores. If you’re looking for data-driven ways to target customers and automate sales workflows, Drip is worth your while.

Drip: Key features

This email marketing service provides polished playbooks to automate almost 30 common workflows, including abandoned cart series, welcome series, and win-back series. Each visual workflow template is shaped to strengthen customer loyalty and raise revenue based on common customer behaviors.

As you form customer relationships, you can not only build beautiful emails from prebuilt templates but also generate SMS, social, and onsite pop-up campaigns for your shop. The platform features a practical point-and-click editor.

With Drip, you can delve into customer data by using split-testing within automated workflows and integrating with over 100 tools. Drip’s dashboards and analytics give you useful segment insights to speed up sales based on ecommerce benchmarks.

The platform simplifies segmentation by applying customer data from your store. You can save segments to create automated and personalized content that converts.

SendX email marketing dashboard screenshot

10. SendX: Analyze campaign performance to power results

SendX gives you a strong foundation to understand subscriber behavior and boost your email marketing strategy. Regardless of your subscriber list size, you can send unlimited campaigns and access data-rich analytics to understand your performance and perfect your messaging.

SendX: Key features

This email marketing software features an intuitive drag-and-drop editor and over 50 pre-designed templates, allowing you to focus on driving conversions rather than navigating complex coding. You can easily improve open rates by using geo-optimized sending to deliver messages at the best times for specific regions. There’s also an option to resend campaigns to contacts who didn’t open emails the first time.

SendX provides standout reports and analytics based on multiple variables, including domain name and click-through rates. You can access a heatmap report to get a visual map of where customers are clicking.

You can also explore embedded sign-up forms, drip sequences, and pop-up forms to grow your list. SendX has customizable landing page templates with dynamic conversion blocks like countdown timers and share buttons to engage leads.

As you analyze ways to approach your audience better, you can set up advanced segments and automations to nurture leads and save time.

MailerLite email marketing dashboard screenshot

11. MailerLite: Eliminate excess features and get to the essentials

If you find yourself dealing with analysis paralysis or feeling overwhelmed by extensive add-ons, MailerLite has got you covered. The platform keeps things light with an easy-to-use interface and only the basic features you need to deliver effective campaigns.

MailerLite: Key features

MailerLite has a drag-and-drop editor with interactive content blocks and professional templates for newsletters, landing pages, websites, and pop-ups. Collaborating across teams is streamlined with MailerLite’s version tracking capability, and the built-in image editor helps you put your photos forward in the best light.

You can build automated workflows to reach your contacts and respond to engagement with ease. Subscriber management is straightforward with segments, interest groups (tags), and profiles.

MailerLite makes monetization uncomplicated with ecommerce integrations and embeddable product blocks. Along with email marketing, you can build websites, blogs, landing pages, and forms to promote campaigns and products.

To make sure your emails get delivered, MailerLite has reliable email verification methods to check which addresses are active and find typos or syntax errors.

Moonsend email marketing dashboard screenshot

12. Moosend: Activate campaigns for small businesses in an affordable way

Moosend meets small companies where they are and helps move the needle on business growth through email marketing. This software saves time by simplifying marketing through advanced automation and segmentation features.

Moosend: Key features

Moosend’s features are focused on helping you convert customers. You can help your audience feel seen and supported by sending personalized product and weather-based recommendations or using custom fields.

The email marketing service helps put customer behavior in context with a digestible performance overview, click heatmaps, and engagement insights. You can quickly share reports across teams with ungated links and exported files.

The platform offers more than 40 responsive templates and a flexible drag-and-drop editor that can accommodate custom fonts and designs.

As you cultivate your customer base, you’ll also want to take advantage of Moosend’s lead generation tools, such as the landing page builder and subscription forms tool.

Omnisend email marketing dashboard screenshot

13. Omnisend: Engage shoppers across channels to jump-start sales

Omnisend is one of the best solutions for ecommerce marketing across email, SMS, social, and online channels. The service directly integrates with 80-plus apps and all major ecommerce platforms, including Adobe Commerce (formerly known as Magento), allowing you to tap into the tools you need to make your campaigns successful.

Omnisend: Key features

Using multiple channels is key to reaching potential customers and building brand recognition and loyalty. Omnisend gives you the control to create consistent messaging across five channels: email, SMS, web push notification, Facebook retargeting sync, and Google retargeting sync.

The sales dashboard in Omnisend gives a big-picture perspective of revenue and engagement to help you track what’s working and make data-driven decisions. You can also compare performance across channels and analyze audience growth.

Different customers have different needs, and you need to prioritize personalization to keep customers coming back. You can target specific contacts with omnichannel segmentation based on their stage in the customer lifecycle.

Omnisend’s ready-made templates feature drag-and-drop discount codes, embeddable product listings, and a product recommendation tool. You can import your company’s logo, fonts, and colors directly into templates to keep everything on brand.

Campaign Monitor email marketing dashboard screenshot

14. Campaign Monitor: Customize eye-catching campaigns for customer journeys

Campaign Monitor is a great option for engaging your audience with personalized promotions and emails. The visual journey designer within the software allows you to define triggers and rules within the customer journey to automate messages based on behavior — empowering you to reach your customers with the right emails at just the right times.

Campaign Monitor: Key features

The service’s drag-and-drop editor takes the stress out of designing high-quality emails. You can catch any customer’s eye by selecting an image from millions of Unsplash stock photos or highlight deadlines with a dynamic countdown timer.

Instead of starting from scratch every email, you can receive a custom template in seconds by importing information from your website. To avoid inconsistency, you can also lock template sections to apply to fields across emails.

Campaign Monitor gives you the option to combine SMS with email marketing to connect more directly with contacts and maximize your messaging. You can also bring in new subscribers through the platform’s email signup forms.

You can manage your subscriber list successfully with Campaign Monitor’s segmentation tools, contact preference center, and custom fields. There are options to view general trends among your contacts or zoom in on specific interactions to see individuals’ email clients, tracking permissions, and transactions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are email marketing services?

Email marketing services are software platforms designed to streamline email marketing by organizing campaigns, storing contact lists, building and delivering emails, tracking customer and performance data, and supporting conversion through engagement tools like landing pages, SMS messaging, and subscription forms.

What are the benefits of email marketing software?

Email marketing services are key to creating personalized experiences at scale as your company grows. In today’s digital economy, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage, analyze, and optimize massive amounts of customer data.

Email marketing solutions use powerful automation and personalization tools to save time and energy by helping you focus on messaging and marketing strategies rather than details like email deliverability or contact list changes. These services make it easy for anyone to send professional, polished campaigns — regardless of coding knowledge, business size, or email marketing experience.

So, how do you choose an email marketing service?

As you consider email marketing services, you should look at the size of your company and subscriber list and the role of email campaigns in your marketing strategy. Depending on your unique goals, you may not need all the features offered by a single solution. We recommend considering the following questions as you make your decision:

Which is the best email marketing service for you?

There are many amazing email marketing software tools on the market, and the right choice for your company will depend on which features and goals you most prioritize. Adobe Campaign is an excellent choice for small and medium businesses and enterprises looking to manage campaigns across channels and speak to customers’ unique needs and pain points in their messaging.

If you’re a smaller business just getting started with email marketing, we would recommend exploring Moosend or AWeber, which provide essential features for lower subscriber counts at a great value. ConvertKit is also a compelling platform for creators and influencers who need a more simplified, targeted approach to promoting content.

How can Adobe help you decide?

To learn more about whether Adobe Campaign could be a good fit for your company, check out this customer story about how Adobe helped Hostelworld personalize its campaigns and reach a younger audience through several different digital channels.

Read more about Adobe Campaign’s full features here.

Request a free product demo.