Connecting in the cloud — how XTM Cloud’s Adobe connectors are driving efficiency in content localization

Connecting in the cloud — how XTM Cloud’s Adobe connectors are driving efficiency in content localization

The demand for content marketing is growing at breakneck speed as a result of the sharp rise in popularity of digital channels and social media. Organizations are trying to find new ways in which they can adapt to these demands of increased localized content for their global audiences without compromising their brand image. For this reason, their localization strategy and technology of choice are of paramount importance, which is why many of them choose to have a translation management system like XTM Cloud.

XTM and Adobe — driving efficiency through industry-leading technology

An effective localization program needs to have the appropriate technology to support it, which is why XTM Cloud’s features make the localization process much more efficient. From being cloud-based to providing seamless connectivity between systems, XTM’s Translation Management System (TMS) helps enterprises around the world reach their global audiences more quickly. Customers who adopted a TMS have reported annual savings on localization spend of up to $1 million per year, an output increase of 1,000% in a five-year period, and even the creation of new revenue streams stemming from the time saved and benefits of deploying this type of technology.

No feature in XTM Cloud embodies efficiency more than its XTM Connect integrations, which is why, together with Adobe, XTM created and launched connectors for Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Marketo Engage. XTM Cloud’s Adobe connectors enable users to request, manage, and automate translations from within a single, familiar connected system — communicating easily and securely between both platforms. This automated process saves organizations valuable time and money and offers a high level of efficiency that considerably reduces their product’s time to market. XTM Connect for Adobe also allows marketing specialists to see directly how translations look in the user interface before being published, making sure that their localized content is perfect before it’s sent out to the world.

Furthermore, with XTM Cloud being cloud-native and Adobe continuing its transition to the cloud, the integration between two cloud-based systems streamlines the localization process even further, making all projects available in real time for everyone to collaborate simultaneously and removing localization bottlenecks (which can cause so many unnecessary issues).

Cloud-based solutions have become a standard feature in localization and content management, which is why XTM’s partnership with Adobe will allow users of both platforms to have the latest localization technology at their disposal to drive their go-to-market strategies forward.

“With Adobe’s transition to the cloud, the integration with XTM Cloud has now become even quicker and more effective than ever — thanks to the whole localization process being cloud-based,” says Sara Basile, a product manager with XTM Cloud. “Content and localization managers using Adobe systems can have more peace of mind thanks to the connector taking care of content changes automatically, while XTM Cloud project managers benefit from more centralized and continuous project management. The flexibility of our Adobe connectors and how they enable continuous localization makes the life of joint users much easier.”

The future is connected

Cost efficiency is vital in a localization program, especially now with the increased demand for content. For this reason, connectivity has become one of the fastest-growing trends in the industry. Fewer manual touchpoints, lower risk of human error, and increased automation have gone from being a commodity to an industry-wide requirement. For this reason, manual importation and exportation of files, email miscommunications, and bottlenecks are increasingly becoming a thing of the past, which is why integration is a key factor for companies when choosing their localization technology as they seek a solution that gives their teams the chance to optimize their time.

“With Adobe’s transition to the cloud, the integration with XTM Cloud has now become even quicker and more effective than ever — thanks to the whole localization process being cloud-based.”

Sara Basile, Product Manager, XTM Cloud

Content specialists are now able to make their continuous localization process more efficient by carrying out updates to their content directly in Experience Manager — so it’s always fresh and up to date. Marketing specialists, on the other hand, can have their emails and collateral translated without leaving their Marketo Engage environment, helping them reach their global audiences faster. With XTM Cloud’s connector, users can now easily select what they need for translation and receive the translated files in a single connected workflow, considerably accelerating their time to market.

Thanks to this improved efficiency that comes with integrations, teams can make more efficient use of their time and spend it on more innovative and productive tasks (such as analyzing their program’s performance data exported from their TMS) rather than waste it on repetitive ones (like copying and pasting content for translation into Excel files or manually calculating translation costs for each supplier).

Additionally, having centralized language assets that everyone can use as a single source of truth enhances consistency throughout the localized content. This results in the creation and localization of higher quality content for all global audiences, something which customers value and boosts the brand’s image in global markets.

With constant updates released throughout the year, including some exciting improvements to project workflows coming in the near future, the localization process has never been more efficient — and it’s all possible thanks to seamless connectivity in the cloud.

Learn more about XTM Connect: Adobe Experience Manager.

This post was written in partnership with XTM.

Lauren Johnston is the partnership development manager at XTM and is spearheading the company's strategy to ensure that partnerships like XTM's with Adobe provide real change and innovation to the marketplace. Drawing on her background in the localization, education, and digital marketing industries, she is using her expertise to put XTM at the heart of a language technology ecosystem that enables users to speak to their customers on any channel, in any language, at any time.