Agile marketing — a definition

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Maybe you’ve heard the term Agile marketing before but aren’t totally sure what it means. Or perhaps you know “Agile” as it relates to software development but don’t understand how it can apply to marketing. It’s also possible you heard a success story from a marketer praising the benefits of switching to an Agile marketing framework. You wouldn’t be alone. The State of Agile Marketing 2022 report found that 91% of non-Agile marketing departments plan to implement Agile within the year.

Whether you’re new to marketing — or simply work adjacent to a marketing team — by the end of this post you’ll understand the basics and benefits of Agile marketing.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this post:

Agile marketing defined

Agile marketing is an actionable strategy that uses data and analytics to continuously adapt, analyze, and solve problems as they arise. It adopts Agile software development principles such as testing, running, measuring, and optimizing. Traditional marketing campaigns are planned out well in advance and leave little room for iteration or adaptation, whereas Agile marketing focuses on speed, dynamism, and collaboration. Agile marketers achieve this by working in sprints — brief, fast-paced mini-projects that allow managers to adapt workload and project objectives as needed. With this approach, they can keep an eye on the big picture while chunking out smaller projects.

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Benefits of Agile marketing

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits your team can expect:

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Now that you have a basic understanding of Agile marketing, you can learn more in this post about the principles of Agile marketing.

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