How Innovative is Your Marketing?

We know that marketing isn’t just a theory for you. It’s a practice. Because you’re making things happen. You have to juggle demanding customers, unforeseen competition, and disruptive technologies — and make it all look impossibly easy. Like an aerialist who strives to make incredible feats of strength and flexibility look perfectly natural, you also need to push yourself to reach new heights. You need to evolve and learn how to embrace new technologies as exciting opportunities. To find new ways to blow away customers. Achieve transformational results. And realize your true potential as a marketer.

Because innovators like you are always curious to know where they stand and where they can grow, we invite you to take this self-assessment. It’s a 20-question Marketing Innovation Maturity Assessment created by Forrester to gauge where you stand in terms of innovation capabilities. It’s a great place to start your journey. And once you have your results, we’ll help you interpret them to determine your next steps.

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Like the most skilled cirque nouveau performer, you can deliver epic experiences that keep your audiences inspired, engaged, coming back for more. The New Amazing, our training program for marketers, will lead you there. Throughout the year, we’ll share guides, videos, inspirational articles, and more – all created and curated by Adobe marketing experts to help you achieve marketing feats you never thought possible.

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