Create and manage Kanban boards with Adobe Workfront

Two professionals reviewing kanban boards

Kanban boards are powerful visual tools Agile teams use to simplify workflow and processes. Adobe Workfront’s built-in Agile support makes Kanban boards part of everyday work. With easy-to-use Kanban software, Workfront increases collaboration, improves predictability, and delivers results faster.

Kanban boards help you efficiently manage projects

Kanban boards help with project management

Plan workflows

A well-managed Kanban board gives project managers more visibility and teams more control. Everyone can see all tasks in one place and create efficient processes to keep things moving. Kanban software lets you easily analyze requests against priorities, balance workloads, and find the best team members for every job.

Track deadlines

See projects, goals, and team capacity in one place so your team can prioritize the most important work. With Workfront, individual contributors are empowered to own clearly defined deadlines and deliverables.

Find bottlenecks

Kanban software helps project managers easily figure out who on the team has time to address a bottleneck. Because Kanban boards clearly show who is doing what work, project managers know who has shared skillsets and can contribute if work gets behind schedule.

Workfront gives you the tools for success

Real-time reporting

Kanban tools keep your team communication in one place and everyone on track. The Workfront Kanban software allows team members to show the percentage of a task’s completion and give written updates in the Updates tab. Individual contributors can tag stakeholders in a task or link out to relevant Dropbox folders.

Goal alignment

By clearly communicating their vision, company leaders can be assured that only the Kanban cards that are in line with the core strategy are added to the Kanban backlog. On top of that, project managers can prioritize Kanban cards in order of importance. The highest priority cards are pulled onto the board next — meaning teams are only working on the most mission-critical tasks.

Work automation

Kanban boards in Workfront streamline the intake process by automating workflows. Automated actions can be triggered when a card is moved into, leaves, or is created within a column, or if it stays in a column for a certain period.

Scenario planning

Scenario planning in Kanban software can help gain buy-in from the executive level. For example, a product marketer could create a side-by-side comparison of multiple campaigns with predicted outcomes and the necessary resources for success.

Plans and pricing

As we’ve shown, Kanban boards are a powerful visual tool for streamlining efficiencies in your team and keeping projects aligned with core company initiatives. Adobe Workfront connects work to strategy, integrating people, data, processes, and technology across an organization — so you can manage the entire lifecycle of a project from start to finish.