Make a Big Impact Even If You’re Not a Big Brand

Today’s consumers don’t just want relevant and timely experiences, they expect them. The more that big enterprise brands personalize content and deliver it just when customers are ready to receive it, the more you’re forced to keep up.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a big business with a big budget to deliver meaningful customer experiences.

With advanced content management and a cloud-based, integrated digital foundation, you too can deliver amazing experiences. The right digital foundation will help you automate more processes, understand your customers better, and scale to keep up with growing demand. All of which helps you attract and retain more customers.

1.7x higher customer retention rates.

Experience-driven businesses report higher customer retention, repeat purchase rates, and average order values.
Source: The Business Impact of Investing in Experience, Forrester Research, April 2018.

See how companies like Cylance, Eurobet, and Telegraph Media Group are engaging thousands of customers with deeply personal experiences, delivered at just the right time. Continue reading to hear their stories and best practices.

Best practices for creating big-brand experiences on a mid-size budget

Deliver relevant experiences with lightning speed

Deliver relevant experiences with lightning speed. Your customers want what they want, when they want it. By the time you figure out what that is, there’s a good chance they’ve moved on. That’s why speed is key to delivering engaging experiences. Marketers need a digital foundation that lets them quickly create, optimize, and deliver personalized content to thousands of customers.

Use analytics and AI to understand your customers

Understanding what a few loyal customers want is one thing. Understanding hundreds or thousands requires more help. With analytics and artificial intelligence, you can gain deep insights into your customers’ preferences and behaviors, and then automatically deliver experiences that motivate them to act.

Create experiences at scale for better ROI

As customer expectations continue to climb, one-on-one connections are a must. When you can automatically deliver personal experiences to thousands of customers, you’ll see higher engagement, more satisfied customers, and increased revenue. Research by the McKinsey Global Institute shows that personalizing at scale can deliver five to eight times the ROI on marketing spend and lift sales by 10 percent.

Deliver relevant experiences with lightning speed

Irvine, California**

Securing more customers with faster development time

Cylance cybersecurity technology runs on more than 10 million endpoints and protects more than 100 organizations worldwide. The company’s rise has been fast and steep, climbing to the point where they needed to evolve their website into a more effective tool for growth.

After looking at different options, they chose Adobe Experience Cloud for their digital foundation. With their robust suite of solutions, Cylance has improved their digital marketing with more automation and personalization, and are now able to optimize every customer interaction.

Using Adobe Experience Manager, the company developed about 70 reusable components, which their marketers use to author content and deploy pages with simple drag-and-drop functionality. This agility is important as they roll out new websites for their other markets, including Japan and Germany. Developers there can borrow from building blocks and quickly spin up sites with the same look and feel.

In addition to faster deployment times, they’ve boosted the time spent on their website and have seen a two-percent drop in bounce rates.

“Previously, we were dealing with spaghetti code, where minor language changes could stretch our deployment timelines out as long as six weeks. With Adobe Experience Manager, we can turn pages around in hours.”

Nathan Zahn Program Manager, Cylance

22% increase in time spent on website with an improved user experience.

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Austin, TX**

Generating content and leads with increased velocity

The National Instruments e-commerce site has 10,000 different SKUs. Because their products are complex and many customers prefer working with a salesperson, the site is an important avenue for leads.

To ensure these potential customers received the right experiences, the company organized its sales strategy around industries instead of products. As a result, they needed the tools and workflows to target different audiences with more relevant content — in real time and on a global scale.

Adobe Experience Manager was the perfect solution. It allowed them to consolidate nearly two dozen platforms into one and develop a more efficient workflow. This helped them accelerate content velocity, decrease development time, and streamline multi-language support. And because website authors don’t need training in Java or HTML, they now require half as much IT support to develop web pages.

“Before, it could take up to two weeks to author new content. Now it’s a single day process. Even if we need to create widgets or templates for a brand new experience, the process is four times faster with Adobe Experience Manager.”

**Brian Sierer **Director of eBusiness and Marketing Platforms, National Instruments Corporation

50% improved employee productivity with half the IT effort for global website management.

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Use analytics and AI to understand your customers

Rome, Italy

Eurobet, one of Italy’s leading and most trusted brands, helps online gamers place their bets for everything from sports and off-track wagering to casino-style games.

To increase customer engagement and unlock the true potential of every channel, the company wanted a deeper understanding of their customers. So they made their own bet on Adobe Experience Manager and other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, which they used to launch their new site and deliver targeted customer experiences.

With Adobe Analytics, they’ve been able to act on deeper insights to boost revenue and reduce costs. For example, they now send targeted communications at each stage in the journey, such as incentives or next-best actions once gamers register or make their first deposit.

The payoff has been big. Eurobet’s customers are more loyal and engage with them more frequently. And the company moved from No. 6 in betting volume to No. 2.

“Adobe Experience Cloud enables us to be wherever our customers are and to create the best possible experience for each of them.”

Alexis Grigoriadis Online Marketing Director, Eurobet

20% improvement in campaign conversions with a 3% reduction in churn.

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Redwood City, CA

Reaching customers in new ways with tailored experiences

Informatica has a long history of delivering data management solutions that work with a variety of platforms. As they look to the future, they want to double their value to $10 billion. To achieve that goal, they’re revamping their digital platform and transforming their online presence.

One of the big challenges they faced is delivering personalized experiences on 30 websites in eight different languages. They needed a content management system ( CMS) that could integrate with multiple back-end systems and deliver personalized experiences globally and across industries. Adobe Experience Manager Sites fits the bill.

The company has now streamlined workflows, including translation, for their global sites. Content producers are able to flag content for updating, then once it’s in Experience Manager, easily translate it and upload it to the global sites. Using AI and dynamic tag management, their marketers are able to identify content by type, product, solution, industry, and strategic value. This allows them to easily deliver the right content to their key accounts.

“If a customer is looking at specific information on our site, the sales team can initiate contact to identify interest on the spot while Experience Manager automatically delivers a tailored digital experience.”

Sean Browne Senior Director of Web Marketing, Informatica

61% growth in global web visits and 3× greater response rates.

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Create experiences at scale for better ROI

San Jose, California

Creating one-to-one engagement. And higher revenue.

Maxim Integrated designs, manufactures, and sells highly integrated semiconductor solutions for a broad range of markets. They needed a flexible digital marketing platform that could not only scale for thousands of products, but help provide a personalized experience for each customer.

They found it in Adobe Experience Manager. Using the responsive templates in Adobe Experience Manager Sites, their marketing team can now quickly build and update content, then automatically deliver it across virtually any device. Fuelling that speed is Adobe Experience Manager Assets, which stores and tags their 30,000 assets, making it easy for their designers to find just the right one. They also use Adobe Target to customize the experience for each customer.

The bottom line for Maxim Integrated is improved operational efficiency and faster time to market with digital properties. A more efficient process and more personalized content have resulted in a significant increase in e-commerce revenue. At the same time, they’ve dramatically improved the online experience for customers, helping them get to market faster with their own products.

300% higher revenue with a seamless site experience.

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London, United Kingdom

Delivering news to 100 million readers —in whatever form they want it

Staying relevant in the age of digital news is a challenge for every publisher. Telegraph Media Group, with its 160-year tradition in print, is no exception. That’s why the company is embracing digital channels to keep up with the way audiences consume their stories.

With hundreds of journalists updating content from around the world, they needed a solution that was scalable, reliable, and easy to use — one that allowed them to act as fast as news happens.

They turned to Adobe Experience Manager, which has become the core of their publishing workflow. They’re now able to publish news stories once and deliver them at scale. Using Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target, they can also tailor stories for each reader’s interests — complete with interactive charts and video for a deeper understanding of issues — and deliver them to the device each customer likes best.

Because it’s a cloud-based solution, Telegraph Media Group no longer needs to worry about managing infrastructure and maintaining the solution, which has freed up internal IT resources for more strategic initiatives.

“Adobe Experience Manager plays an important role in our content creation and publication workflow byallowing journalists to publish once and then automatically deliver stories at scale with consistency across all channels.”

Chris Taylor CIO, Telegraph Media Group

Tripled daily acquisitions for registration, leading to higher revenue and better understanding of customers.

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You don’t need a top-brand budget — just a top-notch digital foundation

The companies that are delivering great customer experiences aren’t necessarily big enterprise brands. They’re the ones with an advanced digital foundation. When you can easily create and manage your digital experiences across all channels, personalize the experiences for each customer, and scale to keep up with the demand, you’ll be able to compete for customers as well as the biggest brands.

Best of all, the right digital foundation will allow you to do all of this more efficiently and achieve a greater ROI.

Adobe can help

Our cloud-based digital foundation provides everything you need to create amazing experiences.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites allows you to quickly create content using fragments and templates, and automatically adapt it for different channels and screens. Add Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target, powered by AI and machine learning, and you’ll gain insights that help you deliver highly targeted experiences to just the right customer at just the right time.

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