Serving our team, our customers, and our community through crisis

A person holds a sign that says love, support, humanity, community, endurance, shared experience

When we were putting our 2020 plan together, “global pandemic response” was neatly tucked away as part of our business continuity process documentation. Within a matter of days, however, shifting our business to a new work reality became a requirement—for us, for our customers, and for our communities.

Using our own software to coordinate and manage the collaboration and execution required to adapt to our new world of work, we have centered our response around three key areas:

Here’s a bit more detail on the specific actions we have taken so far.

Supporting team members.

In her email to all team members early in this crisis, Workfront SVP of people and culture Laura Butler encouraged everyone to prioritize family and well-being as we navigate this new normal together. She emphasized the importance of finding balance and communicating regularly with leaders and teammates.

Providing clear direction to team members on expectations reduces stress in trying times. Here are additional actions we’ve taken that reflect a put-your-own-oxygen-mask-on-first sentiment:

Obsessing over customers.

Obsess over customers is a core value at Workfront—and it’s why our customers are top of mind as we navigate this uncertain time together by:

Lifting our community.

A strong sense of responsibility to be good global citizens drives us to address needs in our immediate environment—as well as those around the world—in several ways:

Remembering resilience and committing to core values in times of crisis.

Humans are resilient—this is difficult to remember in the middle of a pandemic, but it’s been true throughout history. Our greatest challenges have brought about our greatest innovations, creative works of staggering genius, and opportunities to reconnect to ourselves, to each other, and to what’s most important in work and in life.

During this unprecedented era, we hope our team members, our customers, and our communities will summon resilience, determination, and positivity, and let their core values guide them through the difficult times ahead.