Step Right up to the New Amazing

The best marketing programs flow like well-rehearsed, perfectly executed cirque nouveau performances. They deliver experiences that keep customers wide-eyed and coming back for more. And, just like a troupe of skilled circus performers, the best marketing teams train to achieve and maintain top form as they build the strength, flexibility, and impact of their programs.

“Circus is humans accomplishing the impossible.”

Jessica Hentoff
Founder, Circus Harmony

Forget same-old marketing

Many marketers see digital transformation as just another item on their long-term to-do list. But settling for good enough is as dangerous as performing without a safety net. With demanding customers, disruptive technologies, and relentless competition, complacency isn’t an option. But this isn’t news to you. If you’ve taken the time out of your crazy day to read this, you’re likely a marketer that works to be the best. For you, new technologies always mean creative new opportunities. And customer experiences should always be never-ending awesome.

Master the six marketing arts

It takes more than a desire to be great at what you do. It takes mindfulness and disciplined practice. Just as aerialists and contortionists train to perfect the circus arts, marketers must train to master the marketing arts. The New Amazing can help. It’s a training program created by marketers for marketers, focused around six key marketing arts. Open your mind and think about where you need to develop strength or flexibility. We’ll help you learn as much about that marketing art as you can. Then as you put your new learning into practice over time, you’ll move beyond modern marketing and fly into The New Amazing.

1. Experience foundation

Before a skilled tightrope walker can cross a high wire, they must train over and over closer to the ground. As a marketer, you too, must set yourself up for success — with a solid cloud-based experience foundation. Once you have well-integrated systems, you’ll be able to create effective, relevant, multi-channel experiences that adapt quickly to individual customers’ needs. Your data and content will be prepared to work together — internally and externally. Like the tightrope walker’s focused training, your experience foundation is critical to your digital transformation and business success.

****2. Campaign orchestration

Like the most skilled juggler, you have to keep a lot of balls in the air. You’re juggling different audiences and coordinating internal teams to provide an amazing experience across every channel online and off. Throw in the fact that the list of channels is always changing and your job can feel like a three-ring circus. Mastering this art means breaking past the single-channel mindset to embrace cross-channel marketing. By adopting the right talent, tools, and marketing automation techniques you can wow audiences and never drop the ball.

****3. Customer intelligence

No need to turn yourself inside out like a contortionist to understand your customers. With the vast amount of siloed data coming from customer interactions across so many channels, you may feel like you have to bend over backward to piece it all together. Mastering this marketing art through efficient systems, tools, and processes will help you untangle all that data and reveal a clear and complete view of your customers. You’ll be able to quickly identify insights you can actually use.

****4. Personalization

You have the ability to do something magical for every customer. Something that says, “I know you. I know what you need. And I can almost magically delight you.” This level of personalization is critical for a successful marketing strategy and it will set your business apart. With mind-boggling insights pulled together from integrated sources, you can give customers and prospects a personal experience across channels and platforms. And you can do it effortlessly at scale so that each and every customer feels the wonder.

****5. Content velocity

You’re under constant pressure to deliver a flow of engaging, personal, and timely content across all the channels in your customer journey. And just as a stunning aerialist seems to defy gravity, you need to make it look easy. Mastering content velocity means becoming an expert at digital asset management (DAM). With the right tools and techniques, you’ll be able to quickly create, manage, deliver, and optimize relevant digital content. As you become a DAM expert, you’ll find it easy to create free-flowing content experiences that will thrill your customers.

****6. Enrollment and communications

You only get to make that first impression once, so your service enrollment and on-boarding communications have to be consistent and seamless across channels. That’s not easy to do, but with the right approach, your communications can be as perfectly synchronized as a trapeze act. You need the tools to centrally design and manage forms efficiently — as well as the ability to adapt those forms across channels with personalized content and gain analytical insights into your customers’ experiences. With these capabilities, your communications will sail through the air with the greatest of ease.

Train to master your marketing art

We know that with the right coaching, you can achieve marketing feats you never thought possible. The New Amazing, our training program for marketers, will lead you there. Through the year, we’ll share guides, videos, inspiration articles, and more – all created and curated by Adobe marketing experts. For starters, we recommend taking Forrester’s Marketing Innovation Maturity Assessment will gauge where you stand in terms of innovation capabilities. Then you can jumpstart training with Forrester’s The Model for Modern Marketing. But that’s only the beginning.

It’s time for The New Amazing.

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