Three Effective Approaches for Personalized Marketing Campaign Maneuvers

Data driven marketing campaigns have come a long way. In the recent past, the best marketing efforts were the result of hypothetical guesses about the consumers desires, but today's consumers trailblaze a social media path of consumption desires and brand affiliation. When marketing campaigns utilize personalization technology to harness their target customer's information, customer conversion goes through the roof.

We took the opportunity to interview successful professionals in the personalization marketing niche. Follow along as we hear from them about their most successful campaigns and examples.

Personalization Leads to Highly Targeted Campaigns

Jeff Shjarback (@jeffshjarback) is an internet marketing consultant based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Jeff provides online marketing consulting and digital marketing strategy for his clients.

Working with an online finance company specializing in international web brokerage, Jeff did a lot of research on their target market, customer journey, and how to personalize PPC campaigns to narrowly focus on their target market.

"[We] targeted larger English speaking cities outside the US where there was still significant keyword volume for finance keywords related to their markets," Jeff explained. "Which ended up being London, England, Ontario, Canada and British Columbia, [after] filtering out a lot of other geographic locations due to other variables that may have disqualified them."

From this point Jeff used focused keywords that appealed to the target market to reel in the client's audience such as day traders, high frequency traders, trade with margin, no account minimums, etc.

Due to the efforts made to personalize the campaign towards their target market right away, the campaign did well out of the gates in performance metrics:

"Customizing and personalizing your marketing campaigns for different individualized targeted segments is key," said Jeff. "Even using the word 'you' in landing page forms can help your company relay your message to your audience and feel as if the marketing message is aimed entirely at them."

He continues, "By personalizing marketing messages and engaging audiences emotionally, it can help them to commit and envision their lives with your product or company in it. Every step of the conversion funnel should prepare your customers to do business with your organization, and to feel as if the product or ad was exactly what they were looking for — or custom tailored for them."

Velocity and Efficiency in the Sales Cycle

Stephen Kruger (@InteractiveBuzz), CEO of Interactive Buzz, and partner in Asparian, LLC helps his clients gain the competitive edge in their industry through outreach campaigns, building brand awareness across multiple channels (social, email, online, events) and sparking lead generation and sales conversion through marketing automation, application development and technology integration.

"A prospect remarked how their sub-division of the larger enterprise was operating independently and striving for a marketing automation solution," Stephen explained. "The challenge was to meet or exceed performance expectations and alleviate the lead generation/ nurturing burden from the inside sales team."

Stephen's team went with an automated personalization approach, nurturing and scoring potential leads along the way. Automation significantly reduced lead generation costs, and freed up the skilled sales team to focus on converting qualified opportunities into valuable customers rather than manually working a cold sales funnel

"Growing the numbers of highly scored leads was the key to success and a marketing automation solution integrated with their CRM and auto-dialer was the answer," said Stephen. "The net result was the company taking this same strategy to their core product set and leveraging it across the entire multi-channel landscape. Results included a significant increase in highly scored marketing qualified leads that were advanced to the sales team for conversion. The marketing manager operating at the sub-product level was promoted to director of marketing for the main product. The sub-product was later consolidated. This aided in reducing their fractured media and sales process landscape."

He continued, "The personalization approach to marketing brings a significant velocity to the sales cycle. Qualified reaction time becomes the imperative from answering questions to directing prospects toward a solution. The level of efficiency and responsiveness bodes well for the brand’s image and telegraphs a sense of doing right by the customer in the future."

Individual Level Targeting Data from Social Cues

Roy Rodenstein (@TrueLens), is the CEO of TrueLens. TrueLens helps businesses use social data for personalization and targeting. By linking CRM databases with social media identities, they develop profiles of consumers’ purchase intents. That data can then be used in targeting marketing campaigns.

"One great example has been our collaboration with Johnny Cupcakes, a mid-size apparel retailer which sells t-shirts, sweaters, hats and accessories," said Roy. "The company has a global e-commerce presence as well as multiple retail locations in the United States and Europe. In working with them we found that, like even many of the most sophisticated large retailers, much of their core demographic and targeting data was either stale or low quality. For example, we've found many retailers use credit card data to try to surmise gender, but many consumers share credit cards such as parent-child or husband-wife sharing which confounds the data."

Roy continued, "In addition to providing much higher-quality gender data based on our social signals at a clean, individual level, we also identified a target audience based on a strong baseball interest and purchase intent for the launch of a new Red Sox-themed line based on their customers' social impressions. For example, behaviors such as Following, Liking or Commenting about baseball teams and baseball-related activities were one of many cues we feed into our Machine Learning models to identify the audience segment most likely to convert. Applying our social targeting to their email campaigns for the launch resulted in 123% higher conversion rate and 141% greater dollar sales compared to a control group. Along with strong validation, this work provided learnings of how to effectively apply social-graphic data to improve outcomes, as well as the value of having individual-level targeting data from social cues which is often cleaner than traditional data sources such as government census, credit cards and magazine subscriptions used by legacy data vendors."

Campaign Personalization Gets Results

Your ideal target customer is one who is already looking for your company's product or service. Find them before you start your marketing. Results show that efficient and effective marketing campaigns will bring better conversion rates. For your next marketing campaign, consider personalization marketing techniques - and reap the benefits of more sales and more satisfied customers.

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