Watch Adobe Tutorials On-the-go with Creative Cloud for Mobile

Did you know that you can watch Adobe app tutorials on the go and share your work away from your desk? These are just a couple of the convenient things you can do with the Adobe Creative Cloud mobile app available on iOS and Android. You’re probably already familiar with syncing your files or downloading new apps in the Creative Cloud desktop app. You can take that goodness with you anywhere with the Creative Cloud mobile app.

Whether you’re brushing up your skills or starting at the beginning, there’s always something new to learn about the powerful apps included in your Creative Cloud plan. The Creative Cloud mobile app offers an immersive way to dive into learning about your apps on your schedule. For example, how about learning how to match fonts using Photoshop during your commute, or learning how to use smart fill on your lunch break? Creative Cloud for mobile helps answer your questions — and figure out the best tool to get the job done with tips, tools, and best practices. It’s free, and at your disposal when you need it.

To get started using tutorials, download the app for your favorite device on iOS and Android, phone and tablet.

After launching the app, and signing in, you’ll see the tutorials tab. Tap on your favorite app’s icon to filter content for it.

There’s a wide variety of tutorials, for nearly all apps, containing snackable clips or longer videos when you’re ready to dive deeper. You can also use the search tool, at the top left, to find something specific when not in the mood to browse. After you watch the tutorial’s videos they’ll automatically move to the completed section where you can find them later for reference. If there’s something you liked, want to watch later, or share with a friend, tap the tutorial’s options menu to share it via text message or social media. Arrived early at your destination and didn’t finish what you were watching? All of your progress is automatically synced with the Creative Cloud website, where you can pick up where you left off. When you’re back at your desk, pull up that tutorial and follow along side by side as you work in your desktop app.

Creative Cloud for mobile is great for taking your work, projects, and creativity with you. Imagine you’re on the way to the airport and forgot to share your latest creation with your colleague or classmate. Never fear, you can view and share all your work from your mobile device. In our latest iOS release, we added “quick export” to download a JPG or PNG rendition or “download original” to save the source file to your device. You can take that image or original and share it in any mobile app or save it to your device. By saving your work in Creative Cloud you’ll always have access to your recent files to show off at meetings or for reference. This works for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign documents, PDFs, images, Lightroom photos, mobile creations, libraries, and now XD cloud documents.

Cloud documents are Adobe’s newest way to instantly save and share your designs and prototypes on any device. For more information on XD cloud documents, check out this post. If you have a bunch of files or images you need to share with someone, you can share a link to that folder. Once your friend accepts, you can receive notifications when they comment and update any of the content in that shared folder.

Creative Cloud for mobile for iOS and Android is a handy way to learn more about Adobe’s creation tools with its tutorials, and an indispensable tool to access, share, and collaborate with all your work — wherever you are.