Generative AI is powering the business ecosystem of the future

Generative AI is powering the business ecosystem of the future

What an exciting time to be at Adobe. We’re on the cutting edge of AI, with our signature technologies Adobe Firefly and Adobe Sensei GenAI serving creators and enterprises at a time when the world is abuzz with talk of AI possibilities.

According to Forbes, AI is projected to have an annual growth rate of nearly 40% between now and 2030, and more than half of business owners believe AI will be essential for improving customer relationships in the near future.

And we at Adobe are positioned to be key players in this growth. After the recent commercial release of Adobe Firefly, we showcased its possibilities for creators at Adobe MAX. Now fully integrated across Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Experience Cloud, and Adobe Express, the unique capabilities of Firefly allow creators to focus on their ideas at a faster pace and scale than ever before. Meanwhile, enterprise business leaders are leveraging its potential to streamline workflows, cut down on repetitive tasks, and allow the creative process to flourish.

Throughout 2023 we’ve been talking to Adobe customers across industries to better understand how they’re using generative AI to drive results. One business leader, Michael Lebron, senior director and head of front office applications for Canon USA, is using the power of AI to give creatives more time to create.

“It’s really going to optimize that workflow so that the content creators can spend more time creating unbelievable experiences and content,” Lebron said.

Generative AI powers personalization at scale

The possibilities of generative AI are exciting to both individual creatives and enterprises. Adobe Sensei GenAI makes personalization at scale possible in a way that amplifies existing models. It’s promising for leaders like Saralyssa Gonzalez, the intelligent automation lead for marketing at IBM, who envisions a transition “from a content supply chain to an intelligent content supply chain.”

Sergio Lopez Ferrero, global head of production at Publicis Group, agrees. “When we talk about the content supply chain, we’ve always been limited by the time that it takes to do some things manually,” he said. “Through generative AI, [the ability] to very quickly create, modify, make something more relevant is a fantastic opportunity.”

AI is essential to the business ecosystem

With Firefly and Sensei, enterprises have the power to train generative AI to understand customizable business needs and embed automations into existing processes. Adobe GenStudio for Enterprise allows businesses to generate their own custom content at scale, eliminate repetitive manual tasks, and increase speed to market.

There’s no doubt that generative AI has become an essential part of the business ecosystem. Its impact can be felt at every touchpoint of the content supply chain — from the creative brief to measurement and optimization.

As Asprey CTO Aidan Conner said, “For the vast majority of organizations, it’s not actually possible to deliver personalization at scale without generative AI.”

Generative AI is already transforming industries, and it’s only the beginning. We’re thrilled to witness Adobe play such a key role in this evolution of innovation.

Learn how Adobe Firefly and Adobe Sensei GenAI help power personalized experiences across your business ecosystem.

Stephen Frieder is committed to helping Adobe define and deliver customers’ digital experiences. As chief revenue officer, he is responsible for Adobe’s global enterprise digital media, digital experience, and government businesses. He designs go-to-market strategies that leverage the expertise of the company’s technology, business, financial, and marketing teams.

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