See how Panda Security achieved increased personalization with the help of Adobe consulting services

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Earlier this year, we released a customer success story for Panda Security that included a section on the role of Adobe consulting services in helping Panda achieve success with Adobe solutions. In this follow-up blog post, the Adobe consultants who worked with Panda offer more details about what went on behind the scenes to make this project a success.

The challenge

Panda Security came to Adobe consulting services with a clear ask to improve campaign execution and message relevance to fast-track its move to a subscription model. The use cases included profile-based personalization across website and in-app pop-ups, which is something that goes beyond the out-of-the-box functionality of the integration between Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign.

The partnership

What really helped set the tone for the project and build trust between Panda and Adobe was the transparency that Adobe consulting provided on what was possible as out-of-the-box functionality and what would need to be developed crucially as a custom solution. This spirit of transparency and collaboration ensured the solution that was developed met the requirements of Panda Security by adapting the Adobe technology rather than adapting the use cases of Panda Security.

Adobe consulting also supported Panda by doing thorough reviews and providing prompt feedback on development work. This helped the Panda team evolve their knowledge and grow their maturity to focus on more complex topics and gain confidence in operating the tools as well as designing new solutions. In facilitating this, Adobe consulting ensured that the Panda team was set up for ongoing success even after the end of the initial consulting engagement with Adobe.

The approach

The initial step taken to tackle the challenge was to collaborate on a thorough definition of the requirements and the scenarios involved in integrating Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign into the Panda antivirus platform. Different options were proposed and then evaluated on parameters such as execution time and technical feasibility. Based on this analysis, Panda and Adobe consulting created together an architectural blueprint of the solution combining profile attributes and Adobe Target profile parameters to get relevant customer data points into the Adobe Experience Cloud solutions from the Panda internal systems.

Following this, Adobe consulting partnered with Panda Security to stress test and refine the infrastructure to improve the efficiency of the newly defined custom solution. Lots of data modeling and optimization were involved to ensure scalability before rolling out the solution to the whole customer base.

The outcome

The great results of this project are described in detail in the Panda Security customer success story, and we are proud of the feedback we received from Panda. When talking about the solution that was proposed and implemented by Adobe consulting, Manu Díez, the head of monetization and ecommerce at Panda Security, said, “We got more than we asked for, and we’re still discovering new ways to exploit the technology.” This was great for us to hear — and something we strive to deliver in every project.

The Adobe consulting edge

Adobe Experience Cloud is a fantastic collection of integrated technologies, and as with any technology, unleashing its power depends to a large extent on the hands that control it. Having Adobe consulting by your side can maximize the value you get from Adobe technology. As with our engagement with Panda Security, our main interest is ensuring our clients derive the best possible value from their Adobe investments. We work with our clients as one team, supporting them through proactive recommendations, brainstorming ideas and approaches, and deployment and rigorous testing of solutions, as well as enablement and knowledge transfer to ensure continued success. And with our extensive experience in related industries, we collaborate with all our clients to overcome any unforeseen challenges that can arise on the path to success.

Today, Panda and Adobe continue to work together to build on the initial success and to improve and optimize customer experience on all their digital channels.

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