Why marketing certifications are a smart investment for IT professionals

Why marketing certifications are a smart investment for IT professionals

In today’s digital-first world, consumer expectations for brand interactions are high. Customers expect every online and offline interaction to be contextually relevant and engaging. And meeting these expectations isn’t just one team’s responsibility — multiple teams, including IT and marketing, need to work together to make exceptional customer experiences possible.

Marketers are tasked with delivering compelling customer experiences while also driving business growth. To accomplish this, marketers often focus on testing and integrating new technologies into their tech stacks. And while the right technology is critical, it’s not the only piece that’s needed. People with the right skills are also a critical component of designing and delivering personalized customer experiences successfully.

Additionally, IT teams are tasked with helping marketing teams to identify, integrate, and deploy new technologies that add value. For them, the right people with the right skillsets are also mission-critical to creating and orchestrating the personalized, at-scale experiences consumers expect.

Working together

An interesting trend is surfacing as IT and marketing teams collaborate more closely: IT practitioners are investing in learning about marketing tech, and they’re getting marketing certifications. And Adobe is leading the way in making this possible on a wider scale.

“The digital economy has required every company to reimagine their marketing and broader customer experience technologies. The demand for people with the qualifications to help these companies digitally transform has never been greater,” says Loni Stark, vice president of strategy and product at Adobe. “Adobe certifications help both employees and companies align on an industry-recognized standard of technical knowledge on Adobe Experience Cloud.”

How certification benefits the IT professional

Taking the time to get certified can be beneficial for professional development. Certifications are a validation of a professional’s knowledge and skillset in a particular area and can help open doors for more opportunities and even increased pay.

Value beyond professional development

While certainly valuable for professional development, certifications can drive business value for each company that employs these certified professionals. With certified IT professionals on staff, organizations will likely see greater productivity and quantifiable results. Here are a few examples:

No matter why an IT professional decides to expand their skillset through on-demand training, it’s clear that marketing technology is no longer just for marketers. To deliver engaging and personalized experiences consumers demand, there has to be a collaboration between IT and marketing.

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