2020 Lion Awards to recognize leaders in work management transformation

Several awards in the shape of lions with the words LEAP in the background

Workfront’s Lion Awards honor our most outstanding customers—those who are achieving positive, measurable results as they transform work management within their organizations.

Since 2015, 30 Workfront customers have been recognized for their leadership and innovation by the Lion Awards. During this time, Workfront and our customers have evolved. The Lion Awards have undergone a transformation of their own this year. For the 2020 awards, we’re thrilled to introduce seven updated Lion Award categories, including two new individual awards.

Introducing the 2020 Lion Award categories

  1. Workfront Strategic Achievement—Recognizes customers who successfully leverage context and visibility to achieve excellence in organizational alignment of goals.
  2. Workfront Operational Excellence—Recognizes customers who have created a high-performance culture to actively manage work and measure results against goals and utilization.
  3. Workfront Technical Excellence—Recognizes customers who have achieved work management excellence by deploying technology to optimize work processes to centralize content and data for both easy access and smarter decision making.
  4. Workfront Organizational Agility—Recognizes customers who display extraordinary organizational agility, with the ability to respond and adapt quickly to changing business needs.
  5. Workfront Work Management Leadership—Recognizes customers who are leaders in enterprise work management and demonstrate excellence in all categories.
  6. Workfront Modern Work Leader—Recognizes an individual who is an agent of change and displays excellence in leading work transformation.
  7. Workfront Rising Star—Recognizes an up-and-coming individual whose excellence in collaboration and ability to inspire is setting the pace for the rapidly changing world of work.

How to apply for a 2020 Lion Award

Visit the Lion Awards website before February 1, 2020 to learn more about the categories and last year’s winners, and to submit your application. The site also includes more detail on who makes a good candidate for each category and the type of information you should include in your application.

Applying for a Lion Award is a great opportunity to:

Lion Award winners represent the very best in work management. Their accomplishments inspire others, which is why we announce and honor them at our largest annual user event—Leap. Finalists and winners are treated to a true VIP experience at Leap, and are offered additional opportunities throughout the year to be recognized by peers and industry for their contributions to work management transformation.

We look forward to learning more about our customers and celebrating their success.